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Key Things You Should Know About Huck Bolts

A huck bolt is a grooved two-piece fastener with a combo of pin and collar used to clamp together parts. It is known for its vitality against any form of aggressions like vibrations, harsh weather conditions and shock to ensure the bolts never loosen any circumstance. It is commonly fortified with the following materials; aluminium, stainless steel and steel.

How Huck Bolts Work

The pintail of a huck bolt is held by a hulk installation tool and placed inside one of the joint materials then the collar is put over the bolt from the opposite side of the joint material. The tool pulls the, causing it to close the gap and force it to combine with the collar, gradually grooving them together until the collar fits over the pin and they get swaged. It is this firm metal-to-metal contact that prevents vibration and looseness.

Categories Of Huck Bolts

There are three common categories of huck bolts. The first one is Huck bolt with pintails was designed with a breakpoint that splits after the installation. It consists of four main types that are: Huckbolt C50L, has a countersunk, round and thread type of pinhead, its collar is low profile, flanged and standard; Huck bolt ‘Magna-grip an example of Huck Aerobolt, its pinhead is countersunk, broad truss, button and rivet, its collar is wide, medium and standard flange; the grip of its material is very flexible which makes it a commonly used fastener, owing to its vibration resistant nature it is mostly used in the manufacture of truck trailers, emergency vehicles. The others are Huck C6LB and Huck HP8. This type is frequently used. The diameters are different, although they measure from 3/16-1 3/8 inches. Their head shapes are also different, countersunk and circular.

Secondly, Huck bolt without pintails is made up of a pin that has no breakpoint and no residue metal to be collected. There is no removal of the pintail during installation, and these types of bolts remain completely untrimmed at the collar, causing their installation to have a reduction of workforce. There are various types of these bolts. Three stand out to be common: Bobtail, Snap tail and huck spin.

Thirdly, the reinforced panel huck bolt is characterized by a strong shear ability together with a seal under-head. These bolts are mainly used to cause an improvement and avert cracking when used with composite and softer material. The types commonly used are Hucktainer MC and Hucktainer.

Benefits Of Using Huck Bolts

Installation of these bolts is easy; there is no training required which is very efficient to avoid extra costs of investing in a skilled workforce. The installation tools are commonly battery-powered, hydraulic or pneumatic. You only need to match the collar size by fitting the tool and swaging the collar.

There are different huck bolts with various structural characteristics meant for different needs.Installation is very fast, which will improve productivity.The fastener is very reliable, which eliminates doubts and prompts constant inspection on its workability.

It is effectively high shear. The fastener like Huck Aerobolt is renowned for being permanent and resistant against vibrations because of the grooved feature of its pin and collar, which ensures the swage remains firm, reducing maintenance expenses.


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