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Johnstown’s Mikhail Martin has been accused of kidnapping.Beat her teen and leave her behind for Arby’s

ALLEGENY COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — A Johnstown man faces a felony charge after police accused him of picking up a teenage girl in Philadelphia, then beating and leaving her in Arbys nearly five hours away.

Mikhail Martin, 25 (Allegheny County Jail)

Johnstown resident Mikhail Martin, 25, was arrested and charged with child abduction, aggravated assault, unlawful detention of a minor, wrongful imprisonment of a minor, obstruction of a child exchange, and simple harassment.

Wexford’s North District Police were summoned to Arby’s on 12 May with a call of a 15-year-old boy who had been assaulted and left behind.

While talking to the boy, the girl told police she was with a boyfriend she knew only as “Anthony,” according to the criminal complaint, which later turned out to be Martin.

The boy left Philadelphia with Martin and a missing persons report was filed on March 19, according to court documents. The boy told police he was furious when Martin said he was going home, beat him, and at one point even strangled him. until she passed out.

The complaint states that police discovered the boy and Martin visiting all over Pennsylvania, including King of Prussia, Redding, Cranberry Township and Lancaster.

When police asked where they were taking them to Allegheny Township, the boy said he was unsure.

During the investigation, police noticed that someone called the boy’s sister multiple times asking to pick him up. The girl told police it was her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, not her sister.

With multiple tools at their disposal, police were able to track down who Martin was, the car he was driving, his license plate and where he lived.

Martin was taken into custody and held at the Allegheny County Jail, where he was denied bail.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/pennsylvania/johnstown-man-kidnapped-beat-teen-abandoned-her-at-arbys-police-said/ Johnstown’s Mikhail Martin has been accused of kidnapping.Beat her teen and leave her behind for Arby’s

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