John Fetterman Says Stroke He Had ‘Changes Everything’ About His Life | Pennsylvania

Democratic candidate John Fetterman health was mocked In the heat of the race for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat, Republican opponent Mehmet Oz admitted that a stroke he suffered in May “changed everything” in his life.

on TV Interview with NBChe was able to read the questions posed to him using a closed captioning machine. [to] Much better and Dr. Oz will still be an imposter. ”

his comment was tightening A race that could determine the dominance of the Senate.

Fetterman and his opponent as his career as a famous TV doctor portrays bogus claim Earlier this month, Fetterman said: animal cruelty allegations To Oz from his time as a researcher at Columbia University.

In an NBC interview, Fetterman had trouble pronouncing some words and finding others. He acknowledged that his stroke affected his auditory processing and speech abilities, and after initially struggling to properly articulate the word “empathic” he deliberately emphasized it, calling it ” pronounced emphatically.

“It’s an example,” he said. “Before my stroke, I always thought I was empathetic. I now have a better understanding of the kinds of challenges Americans face every day.”

When asked by interviewer Dasha Burns how the stroke affected his daily life, Fetterman said: Everything about it has changed.

“Sometimes I hear things in ways that aren’t entirely clear. That’s why I use captions so I can see what you’re saying.

“And sometimes I miss a word. Or sometimes I mumble two words together.

Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor Fetterman made a public appearance in August after suffering a stroke. He denied it would affect his ability as a senator. I feel like I’m getting better and better every day. ”

Oz campaign staff accused Fetterman of “hiding” when he dropped out of the debate over the summer.As per the Republican proposal, “John Fetterman can raise his hand at any time and say bathroom break. We will cover the cost of the additional medical staff.” [he] Fetterman countered, “Dr. Oz’s team… thinks it’s funny to mock a stroke survivor.”

Fetterman told NBC: It’s so transparent that everyone in Pennsylvania can see it. ”

Fetterman also attacked Oz over abortion and defended himself against accusations that he was “criminally vulnerable”.

“If you’re going to be our next Senator, you have to give an answer.” swaying posture about abortion. “[Women] Trust their choice is theirs, not Dr. Oz or the Republicans. ”

recent votes Aggregated by Real Clear Politics With less than four weeks until Election Day, Fetterman shows he’s down from double digits at the start of the year and maintains a slight lead over Oz.

Oz focused on Fetterman’s position on crime, accusing his opponents of wanting to release a third of Pennsylvania prisoners.Some of Oz’s attacks Labeled as “misleading” by factcheck.orgincluding the claim that Fetterman wanted to legalize heroin.

“I believe in redemption,” Fetterman told NBC, citing the Oscar-nominated film The Shawshank Redemption to explain his stance.

“At the end of the movie, if you vote for Morgan Freeman’s character to die in prison, that’s really the choice,” he said. I’ve never met anyone who said, “Morgan Freeman should die in prison.”

“It’s all a choice about redemption, giving someone a chance not to die in prison, and it poses no danger to the public.” John Fetterman Says Stroke He Had ‘Changes Everything’ About His Life | Pennsylvania

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