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Jim Thorpe Girls in History

Kyla O’Connor is chasing a state medal and hopes to lead Jim Thorpe into show history.

Marian Catholicism seeks to develop the next generation of outstanding boy leaders. Leighton has a versatile but thin roster of boys.

Panther Valley once again relies on multi-sport standout boys and girls. And Tamaqua only focuses on progress from March to May.

Below are the programs for each team in the Schoolkill League.

Schuylkill League Track & Field

Jim Thorpe

coach: Frank Miller, Year 17

last year: 4-2 boys; 5-1 girls

Top returnees: (BOYS) Ridge Snyder (SL Champion in 800, 11th 3rd in 800); Senior Ryan Balor (Distance); Senior Jordan Lemel (Distance); Sr. Zeeshan Issifu (Sprint); Senior Andrew Warner (Sprint, Jump); Sr David Fiorito (sprint, jump); Sr. Brett Barriet (throwing); Sr. Rowan Melber (throwing); Jr. Sal Capria (sprinting); Justin Yescavage (Hurdles); (Women) Sr. Nicole Carroll (Middle Distance); Sr. Katrin Cavanaugh (Jump; SL Champion and PIAA Qualifier in Pole Vault); Sr. Aurora Van Auken (Hurdles); Sr. Ehlauna Penn (300 Hurdles) Jr. Kaila O’Connor (District 11 3A 100 and 200 Champion, PIAA Qualifier at 300 Hurdles); Jr. Aubrey Bonner (Middle Distance)

main newcomer: (BOYS) Jr. Chase Whaley (sprint); Ehren Hassler (pole vault); Jack Sanwirja (pole vault); James O’Neill (pole vault); Sr. Paul Rutledge (throwing); William Newton Sr. (throwing, jumping); (GIRLS) Celia Rodriguez Gonzalez (distance); Lindsay Patton (distance): Fr. Kelsey Patton (jump); Jr. Dani Rimski (jump, throw); Aubrey Holland (jump, throw).

regarding Olympian: “The outlook for postseason performance is as the boys are able to defend their Schoolkill League championship and the girls continue to pursue their first league championship in school history,” Miller said. “The weather early in the season was a challenge from a training standpoint, so it’s imperative that we don’t overtrain to catch up and make sure the kids are healthy in the postseason.”


coach: Erika Pagot, 3rd year (4-8 boys, 9-3 girls)

last year: 3-3 boys; 4-2 girls

top returnees: (Boys) So. Joe Ross (Schoolkill League javelin champion); Sr. Ethan Butchart (4th in Schuylkill League 2000); Jr. Wyatt Sherer (4th in Schuylkill League with javelin); (women) Senior Isabella Mystkowski (pole vault) Sr. Haley Ginder (2nd Schuylkill League High Jump);

main newcomer: (BOYS) Father. Philip Ebert (jump); Fr. Taryn Fairchild (Sprint); Fr. Cameron Fisher (pole vault, hurdles); Bodyhawk (throwing); Fr. Ryan Kusse (Sprint); Fr. Elijah Paggot (Distance); Fr. Mason Seidler (jump); (GIRLS) Father. Autumn Crewell (slow); Fr. Emmaline Curtis (throw); Sadie Monk (jump); Fr. Olivia Serfus (Hurdle); Fr. Morgan Sheffer (jump); Fr. Leah Uivari (thrower)

About Indians: “Our boys are getting their strength back in throws and sprints,” Pagot said. Ethan Buchert is the sprint leader, we have a small number of boys, so we try to extend their talents and cover all events, we have boys who are willing to try new events. , I appreciate their enthusiasm.

“Our women’s team is strong in show jumping. Haley Ginder is a successful high jumper and Isabella Mistkowski is the leader in pole vaulting. I’m also committed to teaching people, we have about 50 girls on the team and I’m thrilled with the depth they bring.”

marian catholic

coach: Justin Huegel Grade 6 (22-5 boys and girls)

last year: 6-1 boys; 6-1 girls

top returnees(BOYS) Jr. Albin Petschauer (District 11 2A 3,200 8); Jr. Jose Ramirez (District 11 2A High Jump 2nd); Jr. Jesse Rodino (District 11 2A 400 Relay 3rd, Schoolkill League Champion; throw, sprint); Jr. James Rodino (District 11 2A Discus 6th); Dylan Rodino (throwing); Jr. Alex Polambo (middle and long distance); Jr. Michael Silliman (jumping, sprinting); Jr. Josian Hernandez (District 11 2A 400 Relay 3rd place, Schoolkill League champion, sprinting ); Jr. Nathaniel Rosario (Hurdle); (Girl) Yes. Caitlin Kovac (Schoolkill League 400 Relay 4th, Sprint, Jump); Ashley Prevan Sr. (Hurdles, Sprint, Throw); Sr. Eliza Bowder (Hurdles, Jump); sprint); Jr. Emma Ashfield (middle and distance); Sr. Zoe Salter (throwing); Sr. Sr. Rebecca Boyle (jump, sprint); Jr. Jenna Goff (throw, jump); Sr. Fatkha Tiktova (jump); Lizzy Piquitus (Sprint)

main newcomer(BOYS) Jr. Stephen Bretzik (throwing); Jr. Jaydin Fermin (sprint); Jr. Ryan Gianelli (throwing); Jr. Caden Kash (middle distance); Anthony Thomas (mid-range); Brayden Segilia (sprint, jump); (Women) Jr. Makenna Jacobs (sprint, jump); Erica Boyle (Sprint); Ava Fritz (mid-range, long-range); Alyssa Polambo (throwing); Mia Rinaldi (hurdle, jump)

About the Colts/Phillies: “Our women’s team looks as strong as ever. I’m really excited to keep working to improve every day,” said Huegel. “We have a great mix of lower-class talent and upper-class experience. Last year, she was the only two graduates, so many athletes competed in many competitions.

“This year is going to be a great year for the men’s program. With many familiar faces progressing to the next level, this will be an opportunity for our team to identify leaders and the next batch of standouts. Let’s see. Junior Alex Polambo and cross-country state qualifier Alvin Petchauer stepped up to lead by example.”

panther valley

head coach: Paul McArdle 2nd year

last year: 0-6 boys; 0-6 girls

top returnees(BOYS) Sr. Michael Pascoe (throw); Senior Austin Hadley (throw, 400, relay); Jr. Brad Lee Jones (throw, sprint relay); Senior Brian Wild (jump, hurdles, relay); Senior Trey McAndrew (distance); Sr. Kyle Lynn (hurdles); (GIRLS) Sr. Izabella Bochicchio (District 11 2A shot put champion); Jr. Mikayla Yuricheck (throw, jump, sprint, middle distance); Jr. Riley McArdle (sprint) , jump)

main newcomer(BOYS) Jr. Andrew Hazard (sprint, jump); Jr. Thomas Buyce (sprint, jump); Jr. Hayden Goida (sprint, jump); Jr. Chase Weaver (sprint, jump); Brennan Kunkle (sprint, jump); Fr. Brody Breiner (sprint, jump); Frank Shubeck (sprint, jump); Sr. Thomas Kokinda (jump); Jr. Eli Maynard (throw, sprint); Sr. Ethan Gardiner (distance, hurdles); (Women) Sr. River Knoblauch (sprint, middle distance); . Morgan Orsulak (sprints, jumps); Jr. Hilary Schleffler (hurdles, middle distance); Brenda Banks (thrower); Fr. Destiny Wentz (hurdles, relay); Hannah Schleffler (mid-range)

About the Panthers: “Last season, the women’s team was plagued with injuries, but I personally put in an impressive performance. 2008, the district playoff basketball season, success in wrestling, and a positive attitude toward softball.

“Mark Lavigne [football]Pat Clumpsey [basketball]Rich Evancho [baseball] I am all close friends and they have done a great job encouraging our children to become multisport athletes.PV has some great athletes and I would like to share them with you It’s a win-win for us and the athletes. “

The Panther Valley had six men back on last year’s roster, and this season it has 36 men.


coach: Jim McCabe, 2nd year

last year: 1-5 boys; 1-5 girls

top returnees: (Boys) Aaron Lorco (sprint, jump); Adam Shock (distance); Alec Hill (pole vault); Alec Natres (hurdles); Anthony Marchetti (distance); Dibonifazio (sprint); Jack Tharpe (throwing); Jacob Hehn (medium, long); Jathan Krall (medium, long); Jesse Gormley (medium, long); (GIRLS) Alexis Jones (distance); Amelia McArdle (jump); Andrea Betts (pole vault, middle distance); Ava Agosti (high jump); Avery Dietrich (High Jump); Brooke Riley (Pitch); Cadence Fannock (Pitch); Gabby Blasko (High Jump); Isabella Jones (Distance); Jada Thomas (Pitch); ); Lucia DeMarco (jump)

main newcomer: (BOYS) Dartin Sadasky (sprint); Mason McMillian (thrower); Ryan Snyder (thrower); Scott Case (sprint, jump); Thomas Rivera (thrower); Allen Tracy (middle distance); Jonathan Knepper (sprint); (Women) Addison Rammel (middle distance); Audrey Nuttress (jump); Eva Jones (middle and long distance); Mia Jones (middle distance) Cecilia Ulicny (jump, sprint); Destiny Denning (throw); Destiny Steinmetz (throw); Caitlin Fredericks (sprint, hurdles)

About Blue Raiders“If the student-athletes buy into and believe in our process, the only thing I can promise is that they will be better at the end of the season than they were at the beginning of the season.”

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