Is There a Difference Between Live and Online Poker?

Poker can be played either in a casino or using a computer. In both places, a flush will beat a straight. Moreover, they both involve bluffing and wagering, as well as delivering and getting bad beats. In other words, the skills learned through one format are often applied to the other. Yet many players have argued convincingly that the two games are opposites. While online poker is like playing video games, live poker is more like a sport.

As a consequence of the pandemic, nearly all casinos were closed, so many players prefer online casinos for betting. Players should be sure that their personal information is secure and will not be accessed by others when they choose an online casino. You can play at anonline casino without verification without being concerned about your personal information being accessed by others. Secure gambling facilities are vital for a flawless gambling experience.

Previously, there was quite a contrast between live poker players and website poker players. Professionals often divided themselves among the two groups. The two are now increasingly overlapping, with many top players playing both regularly. When playing both games, players should recognize their differences.

So, are there any differences between playing live and virtual? Let’s find out!

Relative Stakes

We can add one last difference to the list, which deals with stakes when playing live poker vs. online poker. The virtual version of a live game at the same limit usually has higher-level players, comparatively speaking. There are generally fewer tough opponents around the table in a low-stake cash game than in a low-stake online game. Since it is usually impossible to find lower stakes than $1 live, there is no shortage of low stakes online.

Choosing to Call or Fold

Even though live players tend to make looser calls preflop than online players, things often change post-flop. When you play online, you’ll often find that players are more likely to make big post-flop calls than they are when they play live. As a result, bluffs occur more frequently live than online. A possible reason may be the ease of clicking a “Call” button instead of making a difficult call live. It is easier to handle such calls in a virtual environment because there is no embarrassment involved.

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Bad Beats Frequency

It is common for players to encounter “bad beats” online more frequently than they do live, mainly due to the tendency to run into more callers online. This is especially true of micros and low-limit games online, where the small stakes entice players into calling poor hands, which sometimes win. It is true that even more, bad beats are happening virtually than in live play. However, there is a second huge difference between the two types – online versus life.

Heads-Up Pots vs. Multi-Way Pots

Whenplaying cards live you’ll generally see a lot more calling in the live games than in the online games. This trend results in more multi-way pots taking place live than virtual, especially since pre-flop betting creates more heads-up situations. The presence of more than one limper preflop and/or multiple callers of a preflop raise is typical of live cash games.

Variance in Online and Live Poker

Variance is a generic term used to describe fluctuations in results in poker. As your variance increases, you’re more likely to experience greater short-term gains and losses. Likewise, the higher pace in virtual games changes the short-term definition. The number of hands you play weekly online may be 10 times greater than what you play in a week of live poker. As a result, your variance appears to have increased significantly. While some variance is artificially created in virtual gambling, this can result in faster and more significant bankroll swings over a shorter period than usually happens when playing live. Playing online requires you to manage your bankroll differently because you should maintain a larger bankroll when you play live.

Analyzing Your Opponent

Since you cannot see your opponents when playing on a website, and they cannot see you, visual cues disappear when playing online. The effect of this is also evident in-game talk, which is essential when playing live, but is not a concern when playing on a website. When a player plays live, they can more easily profile opponents, especially those who are less experienced and who tend to reveal a great deal quickly.

The Pace of the Game

Playing online versus live poker can be somewhat different in terms of the pace of play. Live poker is significantly slower than online poker, and many online poker players are unable to tolerate the live version of the game. In no-limithold ’em cash game, you may see around 30 hands per hour, but in online games, you may see twice as many. Online multi-tabling allows you to play more hands per hour than live poker. As a result, it is easy to exaggerate the impression of getting more bad beats online. In fact, online you can feel like you’re experiencing more of everything because you play more hands, which in turn affects everything else.


The previous comparisons illustrate the differences between live and virtual poker. It will always be possible to find both bad and good players, live and online. As you could see, there are tons of differences in terms of bets, stakes, variance, pace and so much more. Even if we are talking about a game that has the same rules but different formats, the player’s experience will differ considerably when playing the two.

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