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Is The Post Office Open Today? 3 Ways To Know

For as much as technology’s been advancing, you might assume that society has long moved past its roots. Little did you know, the only thing technology has done is improve on them to adapt to modern times. That’s why, instead of delivering messages through a pigeon, postal services were established to make the process efficient—only for technology to push it even further in terms of efficiency and accessibility.

Speaking of accessibility, you might wonder when it opens or when it’s closing. So, to check for post office closures, you need to know these things first:

  1. Is It A Holiday?

Working at a post office is considered a significant business. Therefore, it’s highly likely for you to see your nearby post office open that day. However, depending on the postal service, some holidays might mandate time for their employees to take a break and spend time with their loved ones. Now, these particular holidays are:

  • New Year’sDay;
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day;
  • Washington’sBirthday;
  • Memorial Day;
  • Independence Day;
  • Labor Day;
  • Columbus Day;
  • Veterans Day;
  • Thanksgiving; and
  • Christmas Day.

New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve may allow you some time at work. However, you might realize how your work hours could be cut short. Whatever happens, Christmas and New Year’s should always remain work-free holidays.

Of course, due to this rule, customers who wanted to send out gifts to their loved ones might cluster the postal workflow the closer it is to Christmas. Workers might struggle to send all of these packages out under the tidal wave of the holiday rush, especially if this particular post office is so understaffed that it’s causing a severe backlog. And that’s not even including the distance the postal service must cross to deliver your mail, which may push its arrival time back even more.

  1. Is It The Weekend?

Compared to most blue or white-collared jobs, a postal service doesn’t grant its workers that many days off. That’s why, although it’s the weekends, there’s a likely chance your post office might still be open—with the sole exception of Sundays since your post office may have its regulations regarding times-off. Still, with it being a significant business, you might see that most postal services are open regardless of weekends.

  1. Are There Special Events Happening?

Other than national holidays, some situations may influence the post office’s opening and closing schedules. Strikes, for one, are common among postal service circles. Here, postal workers would rally against new regulations that would likely affect their jobs. And permanent closures are an underlying threat for post offices everywhere.

Typically, the root of these closures is financial. Because despite being considered a significant business, many postal workers aren’t compensated fairly for something as noble as connecting relationships from different parts of the globe. On the other hand, there might be problems due to understaffing, as mentioned earlier, or an issue regarding the post office building. Although slightly different, it still boils down to financial issues.

Whether they’re not receiving benefits after retiring or didn’t lease their buildingin time—whichever the case could be, it’s highly recommended that you keep an eye out for the newswithin your area. The best method to do that is by reaching out to your local postmaster by a quick call on the phone.

This way, you don’t need to go through the trouble of wasting time traveling to a nearby post office, only to find out it’s closed for good permanently once you’re there.

Is The Post Office Open Today? 3 Ways To Know
young woman working at the post office

Why You Should Know These Things

In the end, by bringing up these kinds of inquiries in the first place, you can now proceed with whatever it is you’replanning ahead of time. Perhaps you’re finally going through your decision to deliver a package because this type of mail tends to be much more tedious than a simple letter when you have to take its weight into account for the postage. So, you need to be careful in choosing a gift if you’re on a budget.

Now, if you’re looking to mail a letter, it has miles of difference from delivering a package. Here, all you need to do is make sure you fill out the correct details and postage, drop it in the mail, then it’s ready to be shipped off with the other letters.

However, not knowing when your post office will open or not may result in your letter’s delay. Because of it, instead of having it sent on time, it gets stuck at the postal office until the perfect date when they’re supposed to receive it passed. So, while your recipient is likely disappointed with what happened, you’re bound to reflect off that displeasure for neglecting to check on your post office’s schedule.

The same goes for the other way around. Maybe you’re waiting for that special gift you’ve gone through so much trouble to buy for yourself, and it’s supposed to arrive any week now. However, one week has already passed, and you’re still without any gifts. Only later did you realize there’s a strike going on among the postal workers from Friday to Saturday. Meaning, they’re closed for now until next week comes rolling in, which pushes delivery farther.

Moreover, it’s best to know if your nearby post offices are still open and functioning to this day. There might come a scenario when you’re stuck somewhere outside your area due to a natural disaster or emergency.

Without someone in your home to accept any incoming mail, you’re risking your privacy from getting disrupted by having your mail left on your doorstep or mailbox. To prevent that from happening, you can contact your postmaster through the phone and request a post office hold mail. This way, they can hold your mail for approximately 30 days without any charge until you get back home.

The Bottom Line

Despite the faster, much more efficient ways to communicate provided by technology, postal services are still essential in one’s life. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to know how post offices in your area work. And the best way to get to know your post office is by learning its work schedule. In doing so, you’re avoiding future conflicts that might cause tremendous headaches for you and your recipient.


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