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Is The AirBnB Investment Strategy Becoming Too Competitive?

Today, AirBnB has been a game-changer in the field of short-term renting. Millions of hosts are opening up their dwellings for travelers from different parts of the globe. It has provided opportunities for people not only to share their spaces but also to engage in authentic experiences each spot offers. Wherever you are, there’s a home to stay in–from humble homesteads to luxurious mansions.

Venturing in AirBnB and putting up your properties for short-term lease can be an exciting yet intimidating business. It can be competitive, considering how fast it has evolved over the years and how many properties have been listed.

That said, here are some factors that you can consider to help you strategically plan your AirBnB business venture.

  1. Location

To start, you can look up the number of AirBnB listings within your vicinity. After, consider evaluating the average number of tourists in your place each year too. If there are more than enough listings to accommodate these potential guests, then the competition may be a little tougher.

The data you’d get to find and gather doesn’t dictate whether or not you have a chance to succeed as an AirBnB host. The key to thriving in this business is equipping yourself with the necessary information and knowledge about the business. One thing to do this is by enrolling in courses that offer programs relating to AirBnB investment. You can check out brian page to learn more.

  1. Amenities

One of the things that can make a property stand out is the amenities it offers. Some of the common amenities that may help attract guests include a swimming pool, an outdoor hangout space, a lush garden, a view deck, and even a gaming and entertainment room.

Having suitable amenities within your property can influence your guests’ travel experience. When they’re pleased with their stay, chances are they’re going to leave a positive review of your listing.

Is The AirBnB Investment Strategy Becoming Too Competitive?
Stafford / United Kingdom – November 15 2020: Airbnb app logo seen on the screen of smartphone, placed on dollar bills.
  • Design And Comfort

Beauty and comfort can make a house feel like home. The aesthetics and charm a property have can influence the overall perception and experience of your guests. To help you plan your property, consider engaging the services of professionals. Working with an interior designer will help you turn your visions for the home into a reality.

On the other hand, you don’t need to build expensive accommodation to be a host. As some guests find unique AirBnB listings like tents, yurts, container homes, and tiny houses more appealing and exciting to reside in during their travels.

  • Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to make your listing more visible and competitive is through social media exposure. Consider creating a dedicated social media account that aims to showcase the best features of your property. This way, you may be able to reach more potential guests.

Additionally, setting up an account allows potential guests to reach out to you easily, should they have questions about your listing. Communication and transactions are made easy and accessible, especially now in the social media age.

Is AirBnB Worth The Investment?

Every investment and business ventures come with a risk. But having the proper knowledge about the business you’re about to invest in can help pave the wave towards your success.

That said, here are some things you need to consider before venturing in your new business.

  1. Start-Up Cost

One of the important things you need to consider is your business plan. Knowing your vision for your property can help determine your start-up cost. For instance, renovating your existing property can be less expensive and much easy to finish than buying an empty property and starting construction from scratch. The same goes for the types of amenities you are planning to add into your property.

When planning your property, consider hiring professionals to help you finalize the plans. That way, you can start finalizing the overall project cost and your allotted budget. Having a defined plan can help you maximize your finances and ensure that you don’t go beyond your target.

A house project can be expensive, again depending on the work you’re intending to be done. That said, you can check out https://ggmoneyonline.com/ to learn ways in making passive income to help you secure the budget needed for this project. 

  1. Anticipate Maintenance Cost

When it comes to managing properties, it is common to expect a few repairs every now and then, as this can ensure that your property is running smoothly and safe for occupancy. Additionally, you might also consider getting cleaning services, to help you clear out your property every after reservations.

That said, aside from the start-up cost, you also need to account for your operational expenses, such as maintenance costs. For your convenience, you may consider hiring a property manager to take care and oversee your property while you’re away.


Just Get Going

Starting up as an Airbnb host can be a daunting, yet exciting venture. The competition may be tough, but it doesn’t make success impossible. When you’re determined and well prepared, hosting an Airbnb can become a fun and fulfilling experience, that also allows you to earn good money in the coming years.



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