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Interrogated location of new police and fire complex in Youngstown, Ohio

Youngstown, Ohio (WKBN) – The building pictured below is one of the last remaining of “Wick 6,” a series of car dealerships that once lined the north side of Youngstown. To its left is a vast vacant lot where the mayor is looking to build a brand new security force.


Most people on the city council agree that a new building is needed, especially for the police station, but not everyone agrees that this is the right place.

The Youngstown Police Department is located downtown, adjacent to City Hall. The Central Fire Station is four blocks away from him. Mayor Tito Brown says both should be replaced.

“They are aging,” he said.

That’s why the mayor is proposing a new combined police and fire station on Wick Avenue on the land where the Wick Six car dealership once operated.

“I say let’s put something in writing. Let’s put something down on paper so we can check it. Is this what we want or what else can we do?” Brown said. Said.

So Youngstown’s Board of Trustees, overseen by the mayor, voted to hire Strolo Architects.

“What would it look like and would it work in this location? And if it works, how much would it cost? We don’t know the cost yet,” Brown said.

The mayor says another big plus is that the city already owns the land.

“But when we start asking about land we don’t own, it often raises the dollar sign,” Brown said.

“The location is what bothers me the most.

Reporter Stan Bonney: “Do you agree with the spot?”
Youngstown City Councilman Anita Davis: “No, it’s not.”

Adamczak and Davis were critical of the decision-making process. I found Admaczak on the news.

“I think we need to spend a little more time and talk more. Please Confirm.

The mayor also sees it as a way to redevelop this section on the north side.

“If we were to become a community anchor, who wouldn’t want to live in a community with joint police, fire and community meetinghouses all around the corner?” Brown said.

“More and more people are moving into downtown Youngstown. I hope it brings in more business. So why remove the safety force from the hub?” Davis said.

City expenditures over $25,000 must be approved by the City Council. The deals with Strolo Architects are two different departments, according to the mayor, so the two were made for a $24,000 contract.

“As you know, five departments buy different brands of tires from the same tire vendor,” says Brown.

“Oh, I don’t want to hear BS saying it’s two different police stations. So it’s a police station and a fire station. It’s a safety campus. It’s one locale,” says Davis.

“This city has the land and the space to put it there, so I think it’s an even better idea to combine those spaces,” said Youngstown City Councilman Samantha Turner.

Turner also commented on the mayor’s circumvention of Congress by signing two contracts.

“It wasn’t the most appropriate thing to do, but it was within his rights as a city manager,” she said.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/location-questioned-for-new-safety-forces-complex-in-youngstown/ Interrogated location of new police and fire complex in Youngstown, Ohio

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