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Innovative Energy Companies Are Booming, But Are They Effective?

A Flexible Energy Provider is Stepping Forward – American Power& Gas (AP&G)

In the current market scenario, there is great opportunity for innovative energy providers to lead out in the creation, education, and enactment of more consumer friendly and flexible alternatives for migrating consumers to renewable energy solutions while also providing immediate and easily attainable savings to their energy bills.

A case in point is American Power & Gas (APG), a flexible energy company based, that provides renewable energy solutions to residential homes and commercial businesses in northeast America. American Power & Gas focuses on shifting energy production from fossil fuels to renewable energy alternatives like hydro, solar, and wind. American Power & Gas serves clients in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Based on a prior company founded in 2002, APG took flight in 2010 with a mission to provide more flexible alternatives to consumers and a more direct and expedient route to renewable energy as an increasingly higher percentage of the energy resources its customers use.

At the completion of the company’s first decade in 2020, APG progressed from serving a few hundred customers to an audience of 150,000 accounts.

Along the way, the company has risen as a mission-driven organization in its philanthropic efforts as well, partnering with charitable organizations such as Toys for Tots and Habitat for Humanity. American Power and Gas recently announced a partnership with Feeding America® where they will be providing 1,500,000 meals to people facing food insecurity through 2022.

Community Centric Programs

In one of its most recent innovations, the company has also launched a loyalty rewards program that provides customers with a spectrum of awards for their business ranging from a Domino’s pizza to discounts days at a Disneyland park.

Commercial Electricity

AP&G also works to deliver inexpensive green energy to small and large commercial businesses across the U.S. By transitioning to green energy sources, businesses may be able to help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As one of its means of propelling the transition to renewable energy more quickly, the company offers rewards programs and annual rebates for commercial businesses as well.

Renewable Energy and Green Initiatives

In all, AP&G has put a high focus on shifting energy production away from fossil fuels and moving as quickly as possible toward renewable sources such as wind, hydro, and solar sources. This shift in production may lead to the reduction in gas emissions and help with reducing global warming. The company believes the cost of renewable energy sources will continue to decline as more residents and businesses transition to green energy use and is working to propel these outcomes as one of its highest missions and goals, making the company a tremendous example of a true U.S. community hero.

For more information about American Power & Gas, readers can visit AmericanPowerAndGas.com.


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