“I had to save my family,” said Richard Fierro, who put down a mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Fierro took four tours in Iran and Afghanistan.The story was fixed and Fierro I have taken four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A man known as a hero for cooperating in the subjugation of a suspect in a desperate situation. Shooting at gay nightclub in Colorado Springs talked about his experience at the venue.

Veteran Richard Fierro told reporters outside his home that his wife and daughter were with him at the time of the Club Q shooting. Her boyfriend, Raymond Green Vance, 5 killed in shooting, He said. That night, the family went to his LGBTQ+ nightclub.

“I know I’ve gone into mode and I need to save my family,” Fierro, 45, said emotionally. .”

Fierro regretted not being able to save the five murdered people, according to the policeA second person, whom police identified as Thomas James, also helped subdue the shooter, but he has yet to speak publicly.

Our hero, Richard Fierro, talks about what he did inside Club Q to save the many who broke into Club Q from a mass shooting.
Richard Fierro and his brother Ed speak outside their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on November 21, 2022. Fierro is credited with saving many lives by helping subdue a man suspected of shooting and killing five people inside an LGBTQ+ nightclub.

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Fierro, who left the army as a major after taking four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, said military training began as soon as the suspect “went into a shootout.”

“I didn’t think. I just ran there,” Fierro said. He’s going to kill my wife.” …it’s just a reflection. “let’s go. let’s go fight stop acting. stop the activity Don’t let anyone get hurt.”

Acting quickly, he got up and grabbed the back of the gunman’s bulletproof vest and pulled him to the ground, Fierro said. Seemed to reach for the second gunsaid Fierro. Meanwhile, Fierro yelled at nearby patrons and moved the larger gun the suspect was firing.

“I grabbed a pistol from him…and I started grabbing him,” Fierro said. James’ role in the incident has not been established.

Fierro said he wasn’t sure if the suspect spoke to him when he subdued him.

“I was cursing him. I don’t care what he said to me. I’m going to see the man in court. He’s going to find out who did him.” Fierro said.

Fierro said he was handcuffed and briefly detained by police after the shooting, but said police were trying to identify his role in the incident at the time and did not blame them.

Fierro said he and his family all identified as heterosexual and were vociferous supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. Co-owned with wife Jessica ‘s motto is “Diversity, right there!” It also features a ‘Christopher Street’ beer that pays tribute to the LGBTQ+ community. The brewery also participates in the annual Pride Parade.

“I love all of them,” Fierro said. “I love that community. I have nothing but love. I have nothing but love for everyone.”

Fierro said he would not talk about the death of his daughter’s boyfriend, Vance, but said he “loved him” and the two had joked shortly before his death. He also said that two of his family’s close friends remain in the hospital.

Police said five people were killed inside Club Q, 17 others were injured in the shooting and one had non-shooting injuries.

The suspect, 22, was also hospitalized. Officials have not publicly commented on his condition, but he is set to appear in court after he is released from hospital, effectively out of prison. “I had to save my family,” said Richard Fierro, who put down a mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado.

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