Huntingdon Borough Begins Construction of Amphitheater

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – The Borough of Huntingdon has officially begun construction of an amphitheater on Flagpole Hill.

The idea came 30 years ago from then Borough Manager Daniel Verner. He said members of the community would ask why they couldn’t build a stage or perform at Portstown Park.

After retiring, he received a grant from the office of Senator Jake Corman. That donation led to more grants and donations to support his funding.

Flagpole Hill is at the top and overlooks the Borough. In addition to that, there are many boardwalks accessible to residents.

“The amphitheater will be built near many beautiful walking trails that stretch for miles,” said Mayor Tom Yoder. “I think we’re taking advantage of areas that were previously underutilized. It’s great to have them available for projects like this.”

The theater becomes an outdoor space with tiered seating. Up to 4,000 people can watch from chairs and towels in the area, Yoder said.

Varner said the goal is to have performances and concerts in his hometown. It also serves as a graduation venue for events that attract a decent crowd.

“The goal is not only to be able to host local bands and organizations, regional organizations, but if we can get sponsorships, we can host national groups,” Varner said. . “It will be big enough to bring a fairly large group.”

Construction is currently in the first of three phases. Verner said the project will take two years to complete because supplies are backordered.

The first stage requires clearing and foundation of stages and hierarchies. Then the second stage is to install the bathroom. Finally, the third stage involves landscaping work.

“The plan is bathrooms and handicapped parking,” Verner said. “Then Hood plans to have a place where the trucks can be set up, and during large events, vending machine trucks can be set up along the way.”

Varner said the project could cost nearly $500,000 to complete. But they want the space to last for generations.

Both believe this will help revitalize Huntingdon Borough. It will attract more tourists and boost economic growth.

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“I think this is another element of revitalizing Huntingdon, another place where people come just to see what we have to offer,” Yoder said.

“That was one of the hopes that would draw people here, so they could see the beauty of the area and help the economy,” Varner said.

The Borough wants to host a small event this summer. Huntingdon Borough Begins Construction of Amphitheater

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