ESports have grown exponentially in the last five years, with more people realizing how profitable wagering on these games can be. Thanks to their regular tournaments and arrays of leagues, there’s always an upcoming event – a chance to try your luck and see your research skills pay off in the form of winnings. Even so, given that eSports are relatively new, choosing a bookie that prides itself in offering such services has not been an easy task. This quick guide will take you through the key factors to consider when zeroing in on the provider that accepts your bets.

The Reputation

Do you know what else has grown hand in hand with eSports betting sites? E-word of mouth! Whether you want to buy socks, purchase a home, or even choose a restaurant, it’s everywhere. People have continuously generated opinions (user-generated content) and reviews available on third-party sites such as eSportsBettingWebsites.com. So, any betting site you pick will have what we can call a digital print. Let’s take Betway esports as our example. Anyone who’s been betting for a while knows about Betway; one of the giants in the sports betting world. It follows that their debut into the eSports world would elicit reviews, which it has, most of which lie on the positive side.

So, how do you go about reading reviews? – Being realistic. You’ve got to consider that some people will always complain even if they are in the wrong. It’s almost impossible to find a site with all good reviews. But if a site seems to have a ton of bad reviews, consider those red flags, and run!

The Licensing

Who’s looking over the betting provider’s shoulders? You’ve got to find out. Any site with a license will work above and beyond to maintain this license which is essentially a show of its law abidance. But one without licensing will be free to operate as it pleases. After all, you can’t report it to anyone because it does not fall under anyone’s watch. But licensing is not the only thing you should investigate. You should also consider where the site gets its licensing. Some jurisdictions have much stricter rules than others which view rules as a guide but not as a black and white zone. Also, do not expect to win a case against a site if betting is illegal in your country – you would also be in violation, and the site could use this against you if you ever raised a complaint.

The Gaming Variety

Any good site should cater to the gaming needs of all its players. We’re not only talking about games but also the bet types. Generally, a reputable site should feature point spreads, moneylines, totals, accumulators, and prop bets as its bases. It can then add to these basic gameplays to enable you to explore different wagers. Otherwise, you will be limited to specific wagers and games, which could hamper your betting experience. Look into how expansive the list is before signing up for an account.

The Bonuses

Ah! Now here is one aspect you should be careful with- it’s easy for a site to offer you a huge bonus, but it’s another thing for it to honor its promise. Many sites have now mastered the art of luring players with fantastic bonuses and offers which they never deliver. How? By playing around with the terms and conditions. While getting a sweet deal right off the bat is a good thing, you must consider how likely you are to access it. Look into the minimum odds, bet types you must place, the timeframe to claim and rollover the bonus, and if the bonus is available in your country. Wagering requirements are getting more complicated by the day, and you need to be on top of your game to sort the good ones from the rest.

The Payment Options

Any site worth its salt will want to make your wagering experience as smooth as it can be. You should have access to conventional payment methods and e-wallets on a basic site. Some have even introduced digital currencies to keep your transactions on the hush. Investigate the minimum and maximum withdrawal and deposit limits, the time it takes to access your winnings, and the security of the transactions. The more technologically advanced a site is, the better for you as the player.

Now that you have these factors out of the way, you can narrow down your choices based on the competitiveness of the odds. Are they good enough to give you the ROI you desire on your bets?


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