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How to pack a house with children around

Packing belongings for a move is always stressful. You need to be concentrated to not lose or miss anything. If there are kids in the house, they will interrupt you constantly, which just increases your level of stress. Children need attention and time, and you can’t give enough while packing. To handle all duties you have, you can hire a moving company. If you decided to do everything on your own, we prepared some tips for you on how to manage packing with children at home.

Give yourself a good head start

Packing is the most time-consuming process of relocation. Due to the frequent need for care and attention for your children, you may not be able to give the packing task your full attention as wanted. Hence, starting the process of packing the items you intend to bring along as early as possible can be one of the best choices to make. The advantage of early packing getting ahead in packing can be very beneficial in the future when you are likely to face several unexpected disruptions that can delay the overall packing procedure.

Explain the packing concept to your kids

Usually, children feel changes, therefore, even before they see the empty boxes, they may already sense that something unusual or unfamiliar is happening. That is why, it is crucial to discuss with your children the idea of moving and, in particular, the reasons why their belongings are sorted and packed into boxes.

Age of your children can affect their perception of the situation. So, the smallest ones may believe that their treasured toys, games, books, and clothing will be lost forever as they are packed into cardboard boxes. This thought can distress and even frighten them. Find some time to clarify to your children that all items that are placed inside those boxes will remain undamaged and be available for use again in the new home.

Keep children involved in the packing process

If your children are adultenough to help with the packing process, you can get them involved while packing your home formoving.

Children can organize and reduce their toys. There is no reason to pack and transfer items that your children won’t use or play with after the relocation. Children can also pack some stuff. Encourage your children to pack up items they can manage on their own, such as books, board games, and soft items like plush toys, as these are simple and safe to pack.

Letting your children help you will manage several important purposes:

  • children will consider themselves to be an integral part of the house-moving process, and their suggestions and desires will be taken into consideration;
  • their help will simplify and accelerate the process of packing the children’s room and its contents;
  • children will have work, so they will have less energy for interrupting you from packing.

Make children your helpers and packing process will be more pleasant for the whole family.

Pack essentials boxes for your kids

It can be challenging to pack a house with children present, as they may want to play with their toys for as long as possible. So, it’s crucial to plan the packing process and leave their favorite items like toys and games for last. It’s important to maintain their routine as long as possible to ensure they feel safe and comfortable during the transition.

Before the moving day, it’s better to pack non-essential items your children won’t require until you’re settled in the new place. However, right before the moving day, you should also prepare essential boxes for each child, containing necessary items, and ensure that you take these “survival kits” with you.

Keep things safe for your little ones

The presence of children during the process of packing up a home can quickly turn hazardous. The reality is that young children are vulnerable to potential dangers and may not know how to protect themselves. Even items that seem harmless, like stacked boxes, can quickly topple and cause harm, and tools like packing tape dispensers have sharp cutting edges that can be dangerous if mishandled.

It’s essential to take all possible ways to ensure the safety of your family, especially children, during every step of the moving process, including the challenging process of packing.

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