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How to choose a night vision scope and not be mistaken?

Many hunters are considering buying a night vision scope. In fact, this is the right decision. But in order not to be mistaken, you need to pay attention to some factors. And this is clearly not the cost. Read on for what you need to know about night vision weapon sights before you buy it.

Classification of night vision devices

Everyone knows that the end of summer and the beginning of autumn delight hunters with warm and long daylight hours. But closer to winter, hunting takes place in an almost complete absence of lighting. Optical devices that can help you in identifying the beast are:

  • thermal imagers;
  • thermal imaging sights;
  • night-vision devices.

They differ from each other in different image processing technologies that occur at night. A thermal imager, for example, shows the thermal signature of objects. The same night vision sight allows you to see the target even in the smallest detail.

Instrument technology

The night vision sight works with a converter. It, in turn, is based on an electron-optical or digital matrix. This technology enhances natural night images. If you compare equipment with a thermal imager, a night vision device will show what the animal looks like in reality, and not its thermal contrasts. Therefore, if you want to see horns, fur, or eyes, choose exactly night vision devices.

Also, one of the advantages of this equipment is the excellent rendering of visible interference. The thermal imager will show the animal through the bushes. In other words, you might bump into an obstacle course. And yet, it is the leaves and branches that periodically become the cause of the bullet ricochet. The beast can hear the shot and hide.

What are night vision devices?

Hunters who started using scopes from the beginning did not get a good picture or detail. But at least they could see in the dark. Naturally, the price of the device was almost sky-high.

This equipment worked on the basis of an electronic optical converter. This type enhances the picture tens of thousands of times and helps to see even without auxiliary lighting. But the devices work for a rather short time, and the image is shown in one palette and in a round shape. From a bright flash of light, they deteriorate. The latest technologies have made it possible to create digital, infrared sights, products with an electronic wave converter. Therefore, you can choose from a huge range of them. The newer the generation, the sharper and better the picture. But the cost also varies in the same order.

The most versatile is the digital night vision sight. It works with a matrix that enhances the night image. The illumination of such a device is not terrible. There is also no operating time, and the color palette is chosen at the request of the hunter. But if there is no natural light, for example, the moon or stars are not shining, the equipment is almost completely useless. Therefore, most manufacturers produce it paired with infrared sight.

It is a device that analyzes the wavelength of light. It is partially or completely invisible to the human eye. The digital matrix recognizes and displays all objects. Here you need to choose a wavelength from 940 nm. So the hunter can get a good quality image and disguise himself well.


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