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How to Choose a Meeting Room Booking Software

With the rise of the hybrid workplace, cloud-based space booking solutions have seen an exponential increase. Be it a meeting room scheduling software or a hot-desking system; these have been adopted widely. 

Meetings are often seen as the best form of collaboration in hybrid office spaces. With teams scattered across different locations, their significance has increased. In a Gensler survey, more than 50% of respondents acknowledged that meetings are the primary reasons for returning to offices. 

As employees transition between remote and on-site models, meeting spaces promote collaboration and engagement. 

However, conducting result-oriented meetings with split teams can be a perplexing management problem. Hence, the need for meeting room booking software. 

meeting room booking system  allows employees to find and book a meeting room. It will enable easy integration with Outlook calendar and Google calendar. Interactive floor plans allow employees to find conference rooms. 

Managers can view room usage other than managing bookings. It streamlines the booking process by removing guesswork and manual interventions. 

There are plenty of meeting scheduling mobile apps that may make your selection of tools sometimes tricky. By considering some of the below-mentioned points, you can choose one suiting your requirement. 

It Should be Easy-to-Use

The software should be easy to use. It should allow users to search and schedule meetings. The adoption can be judged by checking its interface. 

Moreover, the whole booking process should be simple to understand with minimum steps.  

It Should Be Accessible, Anywhere and Anytime 

Employees should not miss meetings if they are out of the office. The meeting room booking system should be accessible from any location and any device. 

Whether they are on-site or working remotely, the system should allow them easy access to the meetings. 

It Should Provide In-depth Report & Analytics 

The primary reason for using a meeting room booking system is to make management seamless. Without utilization data, the point will be lost. 

Hence, the software should provide in-depth reports and analytics. It should give occupancy status. Available rooms, empty rooms, canceled meetings, and attendees’ information should be available. A sanitization report should also be available. 

There should be a customizable centralized dashboard. This will allow managers to administer everything from one screen. 

A meeting room scheduling system should help you keep track of your performance. It should optimize space utilization as well – that too within your budget.

It Should Allow Access to Book Amenities 

If your employees are attending a meeting, they might need various amenities. This could include anything from projectors to notepads. 

When scheduling a room, your employees should be able to book their required amenities as well. It should allow them to specify their needs. 

It Should Manage Visitors’ Log

You might have visitors for certain meetings. The  conference room scheduling software  must allow you to manage your visitors as well. 

The meeting room booking software should be capable of managing visitors coming to your office. The system should send them automated emails once the meeting is scheduled. It should provide them with all the details required. 

Once the visitor comes to the office, it should allow access. In case the meeting is rescheduled or canceled, your visitors should be made aware. 

It Should be Synchronized with the Cloud 

Meeting room booking software should be centrally accessible with a central database repository. 

Real-time meeting detail synchronization can help avoid double-bookings and reduce no-shows. 

Moreover, the team members should be notified instantly with the correct details whenever any new booking is scheduled. 

It Should be Easily Integrated 

The meeting room booking software should be easy to integrate with existing tools like Outlook and Google calendar. 

Once a booking is made, the details should be updated on both platforms. It should be prompt to share the details with the attendees. 

Any changes in the bookings can also be controlled from both. 

Final Thought

The meeting room booking system simplifies the process of scheduling meetings. For managers, it is the seamless administration that makes this software stand out. Such solutions are necessary. They optimize space, but they also ensure safety. 

If you want to manage your hybrid workplace better, you should opt for a meeting room booking solution today. 

WorkInSync is one of the leading  meeting room booking software.  It comes with a slew of features like advanced bookings, a centralized dashboard, and easy integration, to name a few. Opt for a demo to get a complete overview of the software. 

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