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How Pennsylvania Dog Owners Can Protect Pets from Parasites

Many households in Pennsylvania have pet dogs that are part of the family unit and are loved as part of the family. Naturally, the owners of these pets want to ensure the good health of their pooches just as they would any other family member. This means taking responsible steps such as regular inoculations, health checks with veterinary experts in Pennsylvania, and preventative treatments to protect your pet against a range of issues including fleas.

When your dog gets fleas, it leads to many major problems that can affect your pet, your household, and your entire home. Fleas can result in allergies for your dog, which can then lead to dermatitis. They can also cause intense itching that then results in bald patches where your dog scratches. The scratching can lead to skin being broken and infections setting in, and if the fleas are ingested, your dog could end up with tapeworm.

Of course, there is also an impact on your home, as the fleas can then infest your home environment and make it a very unpleasant and unhealthy place to be. On top of this, it could lead to skin problems and health issues for those in your household, so getting treatment and putting protection in place is essential.

How You Can Do This

Regular grooming is essential for your dog for many reasons, as it enables you to keep its coat looking great, check for any issues, and pick up on signs of parasites. However, grooming will not protect your dog from getting fleas, nor will it properly rid your pet of fleas.

What is needed is a proper prevention treatment, and there are plenty of options that you can choose from. A good Pennsylvania vet can provide advice on dealing with dog fleas and can also prescribe the right prevention treatment to reduce the risk of your dog getting fleas in the first place.  

Many preventative treatments come in the form of spot-on solutions, and these are very easy to administer on a monthly basis. There are various options, so your vet will be able to suggest the right one for your pet based on a range of factors. You can then rest easy in the knowledge that your pet is protected and so is your home.

In the event your dog does get fleas, you need to ensure you use the right treatment to get rid of them safely and effectively. Some people turn to homeopathic treatments in the hope of getting rid of the fleas, but these can be ineffective at best and dangerous to your pet at worst. As mentioned earlier, grooming your dog is important for many reasons, but it will not eradicate the fleas, so you need to ensure you have a proper vet-recommended treatment to use as well.

You should not forget about your home, as this may also have become infested if your dog already has fleas. You need to hot-wash clothing and betting, and there are sprays that you can use on carpets to kill the fleas before you vacuum thoroughly.

These are some of the steps to take if you want to protect your dog and your home from fleas.


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