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How IT Managers Can Immigrate to the US?

The US is the land of opportunity, with many attractive incentives for prospective immigrants. It can be especially appealing for those who work in IT to transfer to the USA as there is a huge demand for skilled American workers in this field. Whether you’re an international student looking for an internship or a producer’s assistant at Intel with decades of experience, you may be eligible to live and work here. Here is how IT managers can immigrate to the US.

  1. Stay in Your Current Position After Graduation

If you study computer science at a university in the US and manage to secure an internship or full-time position, you can stay in your current job. As long as your employer can prove that they recruited overseas workers to fill this position before considering you, you are eligible for an O-1 visa. It is a non-alien visa for individuals with extraordinary ability, and there is usually an award to those considered leaders in their field, such as IT managers.

  1. Transfer to an Equal or Similar Position Away from Home

Any time you transfer into a position equal or similar to your previous one, you can bring your dependents with you as long as the new post is outside the country where you previously worked.

  1. Transfer to a Different Position Within the Same Company

Contrary to other countries, the United States has a reputation for allowing employees to jump around within their company while continuing to promote them internally. If a manager in charge of designing the next-generation chip in China there is a transfer stateside to design video games, they would be considered eligible for an O-1 visa.

  1. Launch Your Own Business and Earn an Annual Salary of Twice Your Previous Income

The US government holds a special place in their heart for entrepreneurs. Suppose an IT manager living and working abroad launches their own business and earns two times their previous income. In that case, they can file for a new visa based on their accumulated investment capital.

  1. Complete a Specialized Course in the US

If you have lived and worked in other countries for years and are now looking to immigrate, then look no further than a specialized training program at your university. Many universities offer special master’s degrees in computer science, engineering, and other fields that qualify you for an O-1. For example, computer science students at Columbia University can earn up to six months of training as part of their degree, which will allow them to apply for an O-1 visa.

  1. Become a Permanent Resident by Marrying an American Citizen

This is the most popular route into the US for those who wish to remain here permanently. All that is needed to qualify is a marriage certificate, with the couple can bring their spouse over as well. Additionally, if you are already a US citizen and wish to sponsor your spouse, there are special requirements from USCIS you must adhere to.

  1. Advance Your Career by Seeking Higher Education in the US

This is another great step along the way towards naturalization and permanent residency. If you were born in China and lived temporarily in California for one year or more, you are eligible for an F-1 visa. It will allow you to attend a university in the US and earn an advanced degree, thereby clearing the path for you and your dependents to become permanent residents.

  1. Seek Membership in the American Business Community by Becoming a Permanent Subject of the United States

This is another option that allows people to remain permanently based on their membership in certain organizations or companies. You must have a good standing within your family or community, along with high earnings, so long as you have been living abroad for one year or more.

  1. Become a US Citizen by Naturalization

If you have been living in the US as a permanent resident for five years or more, you are eligible to apply for naturalization. There is a high recommendation to begin this process as soon as possible, especially if you have already accumulated proof of compliance with all immigration regulations. These can include pay stubs, tax records, and any other evidence needed to prove that you are living and working legally in the country.

  1. Join the Military

Many people view the military as the way to a fast-track into permanent residency. If you are already a US military member and have served honorably for at least four years, then you can file for a green card upon release from service. It can allow you to bring your family with you abroad, as well as sponsor them to apply for naturalization once they arrive at their new home in America.



Becoming a US citizen is a difficult process. Suppose you are an international worker and dream of living in America. In that case, you may be eligible to legally enter this country under one of the various immigration programs. Above are some tips on how IT managers can immigrate to the US, which will help you, and also, you can look for an immigration lawyer to help you.


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