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How Does Session And Fancy Betting Works In Cricket

In terms of online betting, different types of situations and permutations may come up when we talk of cricket. In case you are a novice in the field of cricket betting, then you have heard of Session and Fancy betting or even In-Play Live Betting. Session betting is where you can bet live on games and matches for different overs in T20 such as 5, 10, 15, or 20. The market of online cricket betting has exponentially grown after the introduction of the T20 series. Again, Fancy betting is where you bet on wickets, player runs, and more.

There are many terms, such as Session, Fancy, Lagaaya, and Khaya, which are unique terms of cricket betting only in India. Let’s take a deeper look at them to understand how you can gain from online cricket betting.

What Is Meant By Sessions In Cricket?

In the traditional format of Test Cricket, a game is usually divided into three separate sessions, Pre Lunch, Tea, and Post Lunch. Throughout the five days of the test match, this tradition is maintained. It is when people can place their bet on what can happen in the next set of overs. Scenarios can very quickly change in the game, making live session betting much more interesting.

How Does Sessions Betting Take Place?

Through online cricket betting, live betting has become much easier as a person can bet on the number of runs scored in particular over or on a single delivery. If you are interested in online match sessions, then there are thousands of online sites that can help. Depending on your knowledge about cricket and the players, you can make a good fortune out of session betting.

Cricket gamblers can take their chance on underdogs, and depending on their performance, the punters can gain lucrative returns on their bets when a match continues. But before betting, you should make sure that you are aware of the game, pitch, weather, strengths, and weaknesses of every player.

What is Fancy In Cricket Betting?

In sports such as football and basketball, you must have heard of the term Spread betting. There are a few bookmakers who offer the same thing in Cricket. Fancy is the local term like Lagaaya, Khaya, and more for Cricket spread betting. Wickets, player runs are usually the fancy markets for betting. You can also check the most accurate live cricket odds here.

More About Cricket Spread Or Fancy Betting

A range of outcomes that has been predicted for a particular portion of the game is known as the ‘spread.’ You buy the spread if you think that the outcome is likely to happen or sell the spread if you think the outcome cannot occur. A lot of money is at stake and can be won or lost in such a type of betting.

It will be better if you understand this with the help of a Cricket game example.

Let us consider that at Gabba, it is the first day of Test cricket between India and Australia. The pitch is helpful for bowlers as it’s hard and fast. Australia has an internationally acclaimed bowling attack, while Rohit Sharma and Mayank Aggarwal are aggressive openers from the Indian side.

The spread or outcome prediction for the first wicket fall is about 35 to 40. You can buy the spread if you think that before getting out, the Indian openers will score more. Whatever runs they score, which is above the spread, will go on increasing your profit. But your loss will be incurred at the same rate if the Australian bowlers start striking early. Therefore, Fancy betting is a bit riskier as compared to session betting or others.


The scope for online cricket betting and making money out of it has sufficiently increased in the last few years. There are plenty of online sites where you can go for a session or fancy betting. But, make sure you collect a lot of information about the players, pitch, and the game so that your fortunes multiply instead of diminishing. Online sites have a lot to offer in terms of betting, but it’s your experience and knowledge that will help you multiply the profits.

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