House Republicans Make Up Committees, Cutler Says

Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – House Republicans won seats on the House Standing Committee Tuesday afternoon as part of a committee reorganization.

House Republican Majority Leader Brian Cutler (R-Lancaster) says Republicans are ready to fight for their principals who put Pennsylvania first.

“Commissions are the cornerstone of legislation, and Republicans have much to offer based on their knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience. House Republicans are ready to get to work, and have been for quite some time, despite the Democratic House rules.

“Our leadership team is working to ensure that the voices of those we represent are heard and that we are able to provide real cooperation on the issues facing Pennsylvania. I have tried to participate in each committee to maximize conservative voices on certain important issues.”

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During this session, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has 24 standing committees. House Republicans nominated him as chairman of the Standing Committee in January. House Republicans Make Up Committees, Cutler Says

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