Hot day, hot deals and hot fun in Youngstown and Boardman, Ohio

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Another blast of summer heat. While everyone was feeling the conditions Wednesday, most people kept doing what they had to get done and just dealt with the sticky conditions.

Carts were rolling at M@C Discount. Many of them carrying multiple items. The steamy summer air matches the hot summer deals, but the items have to be picked up within a certain time. Curtis Daye, Jr. got a toilet.

“That’s what I’m talking about hot deal. You know $20 beats $150 you know, so that’s pretty cool,” Daye said.

Belinda Mitchell drove to Boardman from Alliance. Her cart was also packed and calculated spending just $200 for $700 worth of items. Despite the temperature being in the 80s, she said these items were early Christmas shopping.

“I just know towards Christmas everything is going to go higher. So I thought, I’m going to start Christmas shopping now so I don’t have to pay the higher prices,” Mitchell said.

While most swimming pools are closed or missing children back in school, Heidi and Otto were splashing in the pool at Paws Town. They didn’t want to miss another chance to get wet and cool off.

Over at Woodworth Park, a walker was making her laps in the heat. And there was a sizzling tennis match between friends. Brian DiBacco battling Tim Phillips. A regular competition on just another summer day.

“Obviously, a little tougher, a little more conditioning, but as long as you bring electrolytes and bananas and stuff like that, plenty of water and a towel and sweatbands to keep the sweat off your palms and keep the court dry enough. It’s all good,” DiBacco said.

The tennis players have been watching the U.S. Open in New York and seeing the pros play for over four hours in the heat and humidity. This was their way of feeling like they were playing in similar conditions. Hot day, hot deals and hot fun in Youngstown and Boardman, Ohio

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