Heroes Walk returns to Flight 93 National Memorial

SHANKSVILLE, Pa. (WTAJ)– Over 140 participants took part in this year’s Heroes Walk at the Flight 93 National Memorial Saturday morning.

Family members of the passengers were invited to share stories of their lost loved ones. Patrick White spoke on behalf of his Cousin Joey Nacke, who would’ve celebrated his 64th birthday the day of the walk.

“His remains were found probably close to 100 yards from the main crash site because he was in the cock pit, the nose of the plane,” White said. “His brother and sister heard his voice on the cock pit voice recorder. His words were, get em.”

For Patrick and other family members of the passengers, each year brings back the sorrow that they felt, as well as the pride they have for their heroic actions.

“But as I told my aunt and uncle shortly after, Joey in the fabric of our family is, was and always will be the golden thread,” White said.

The walkers headed to the newly opened Western Overlook, made possible by over $100,000 raised from last year’s walk and other fundraisers.

“It was the space where the families first came to see the crash site,” said event organizer for the memorial Donna Gibson. “We wanted to have a place where visitors could reflect on the day and our rangers could do interpretive programs.”

Gibson said the walk is not only a way for visitors to view the memorial, but a way to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifice made by the 40 passengers of United Flight 93.

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“When you say their names, and you learn about them, it becomes real,” Gibson said. “It’s not just about a plane that crashed in Shanksville, it’s about 40 people who took action.” Heroes Walk returns to Flight 93 National Memorial

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