Here Are Some Winter Bucket List Travel Ideas

The Winter season has officially kicked off. You do not feel like coming out of your house. It is time to greet the snow instead of hiding and waiting for the snow to melt. To help you do this, we comprised a list of 5 winter bucket list ideas you should definitely try – fun and joy guaranteed. Oh, and our list is inspired by Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. Explore a new snow-covered destination – Bosnia’s most exciting ski area is Bjelasnica, Igman and Jahorina, just outside Sarajevo. Bosnian slopes tend to be affordable and there are enough pistes to explore for both beginners and the more advanced skiers. Bjelasnica and Igman are relatively less crowded pistes and there is less time waiting in lift queues than in Jahorina and there is a great range of off-piste skiing to explore.
  2. Learn How to Snowboard – Jahorina is great for snowboarding and family holidays. The terrain is much gentler and there are plentiful of cafés to go for a hot chocolate.
  3. Take a Scenic Cable Car Ride – Nature-lovers looking to get active in Sarajevo and explore its amazing natural heritage should take a 10-minute aerial ride up Trebevic Mountain. Trebevic offers exhilarating walks and the remains of the Olympic Bobsled are definitely worth seeing.
  4. Learn About Unique History-Shaping Spots


You picked an ideal city break to Sarajevo and now you want to discover tales of the city’s past and learn about the longest city siege in the history of modern warfare? Book a Sarajevo War Tour and visit the Tunnel constructed as part of the besieged city’s exit and a symbol of hope and salvation in 1993. The tour will keep you informed, inspired and amazed by the survival spirit of Sarajevans.

  1. Make a Snowman – you want to feel connected to the city as you uncover exciting new places and hidden gems? Go out and connect with the locals. Get together and make a snowman. Where? Anywhere you want in Sarajevo. Remember. It is the winter season. You will easily find a lump of snow in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You have a great idea yourself? Inspire us with it.

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