Heat’s Gabe Vincent Finds Complementing And Emulating Kyle Lowry In Oladipo’s Absence – Leading Eagle

A year ago, Gabe Vincent was mostly in an either/or situation with Kyle Lowry. Even that wasn’t guaranteed this season after Victor Oladipo made his two-season comeback.

But Oladipo was sidelined again with a knee problem, and with Tyler Herro and his ball-handling skills moving into the starting unit, Vincent not only became Lowry’s main backup at the Miami Heat’s point guard , could have played with Lowry. true.

As is the case with each of Vincent’s four seasons with the Heat, it’s just a challenge, just as he went from being an undrafted G-League prospect to a key component of the playoffs last season. was just one of

“I mean, I love playing with Kyle,” Vincent told the Sun Sentinel as the Heat kicked off Wednesday night’s three-game western swing against the Portland Trail Blazers at Moda Center. “I mean, maybe it wasn’t the playoffs, but we saw a little bit last season.

“I think in his career he usually had another guard by his side who was playing good. I obviously benefit a lot from the ability to do it, it really allows me to be a duo.

All is well for Vincent, who has been asked to transition from a smaller shooting guard to a point guard, as he is poised to take advantage of free agency next summer.

“Last year he spent a lot of time on the floor with my injury,” Lowry said. “I think this experience gave him even more confidence.

“I think he finds a way to be himself, get involved, and figure out who he’s going to be, how good he is, how talented he is. He asks a lot of questions.” But he’s very smart.He’s a scorer, a hybrid guy, but he can take the lead, get everyone involved and still get what’s his.He just keeps finding himself I’m just there.”

To some extent, it is also an explanation for Oladipo. The difference with Vincent is availability in addition to capacity.

“He can guard up, so as a combo guard it’s really a Swiss Army knife. He can guard threes and fours and his height is really unique for him,” coach Erik Spoelstra said of his 6-foot tall. Told about 3, 22 years old. “But he has a very aggressive nature.

“He’s a great understudy for Kyle. Kyle is one of the guys in the history of the game who can guard up better than anyone. And Gabe really keeps a close eye on him.”

After a breakout playoff series against Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks in Round 1 last season, Vincent arrived at camp feeling confident off the roster.

“Gabe is good,” said forward Jimmy Butler. “He can shoot the ball. He can finish well around the rim. He plays with a lot of energy. He knows almost every play from every position. I like him and Kyle and him playing together it gives Kyle the opportunity to play off the ball and get out of the pin down. I’m trying to get everyone involved.

“That guy how long he’s worked to prove he’s worthy to play in this league. I think it could be, but I’m happy to have him on my team.”

Depending on the late-game situation, Vincent-Lowry is just as likely as Hero-Lowry, and Vincent, given the hero’s scoring, is likely to be part of such an offensive-defensive alternation pattern. No problem.

“Whatever the coach needs, what the coach asks of me, and whatever I can do to help this team win, I want to be a part of it.” Of course, I love being on the court. So if I can influence a win on the court, I will.With Tyler’s sub, there’s no doubt about his scoring ability.No question about that.

() Heat’s Gabe Vincent Finds Complementing And Emulating Kyle Lowry In Oladipo’s Absence – Leading Eagle

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