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Gov. Wolfe makes Pennsylvania history with most pardons as second term ends

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — Governor Tom Wolfe officially made history by signing the most pardons in Pennsylvania.

Wolfe’s final batch of pardons as governor increased his total to 2,540, more than double the previous number set by Governor Ed Rendell with 1,122 pardons.

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“I take this process very seriously and have reviewed and carefully considered all of these 2,540 pardons and the lives they affect. “It deserves a second chance, and I’m honored to give it,” said Gov. Wolfe.

A pardon constitutes a full pardon for a conviction by the State, regardless of whether the sentence included a prison sentence, and allows for the expungement of the associated criminal record.

According to the Wolf Administration, 395 of these pardons were part of expedited review processes for non-violent marijuana-related crimes, and 232 were PA Marijuana Amnesty Project.

Under the Wolf Administration, the amnesty process has been modernized to make the application process more streamlined and the application fee has been waived.

In 2019, the Pardons Commission introduced the Nonviolent Marijuana-Related Offenses Expedited Review Program, and Lt. Governor John Fetterman announced that he would apply for a pardon for those convicted of nonviolent marijuana possession or paraphernalia. Approved a program to speed up the process.

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In September 2022, Gov. Wolf and Lt. Fetterman launched the PA Marijuana Amnesty Project to expedite pardons for Pennsylvanians with few recorded marijuana convictions.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/regional-news/gov-wolf-makes-pennsylvania-history-with-most-pardons-as-second-term-wraps-up/ Gov. Wolfe makes Pennsylvania history with most pardons as second term ends

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