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Get through the Pennsylvania winter with ECO-ST’s starfish extract de-icer

Pennsylvania winters can be brutal, but with ECO-ST’s de-icer, you can brave the cold without worrying about your safety. When winter approaches, it is important to have a plan for keeping your walkways and driveways safe from the ice. Many people turn to rock salt or other de-icing materials that can be seriously harmful to pets or cause damage to vegetation around their property. STAR’S TECH deicer finds an original way to avoid such problems.

What makes ECO-ST different?

ECO-ST uses a de-icer that protects the ground and is more efficient at targeting ice and snow. The use of starfish extract is what makes it truly different from other de-icers, as this is a form of biowaste. As a South Korean-based company, they have helped reduce government costs associated with starfish disposal by actually using the excess and not letting it go to waste. Thus, unlike most deicers on the market, this one is much more environmentally friendly.

What does starfish extract do?

The starfish extract in the deicer includes starfish bone chips. These are extremely porous,  allowing them to adsorb many substances with ease. One such substance is chloride ions.  These are what make salt, rock salt, and most other de-icing materials dangerous to the environment. Instead of littering the environment with more harmful chloride, this de-icer prevents chloride ions from building up and causing more damage. This means that there is far less risk of toxicity or corrosive effects, both on people and the ground.

Protection from corrosion

By using starfish extract, the ECO-ST de-icer is far less corrosive than other deicers on the market. Most deicers release chloride ions, which over time corrode pavement and other surfaces, but this deicer ensures that such substances do not build up in excess.

When the starfish extract mixes with the corrosion inhibitors, it creates a novel storage and releases mechanism that is 29 times more effective against corrosion than other deicers. Thus, it can protect your walkways and driveways this winter much more effectively than many other de-icers on the market.

How is STAR’S TECH de-icer eco-friendly?

Unlike most other deicers currently available, this one ensures it minimizes the harm to vegetation or animals when used. Its design, structure, and materials do their best to avoid as much damage as possible to the environment, plants, and pets.

Pennsylvania winters are known for being cold and harsh, and if you’re like most people in this state, you might dread having to go outside when the temperature dips below freezing. But ECO-ST puts your mind at ease because their creative de-icing solution will keep your pathways protected all winter long.

So, avoid the anxiety of slips and falls with ECO-ST starfish extract de-icer. This eco-friendlier alternative contains starfish extract that adsorbs chloride ions rather than releasing them into the environment as standard rock salts do. This makes these deicers not only safer but also more effective at melting the thick Pennsylvania snow and ice!


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