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Which lawn mower is best?

During the winter, dead grass accumulates and forms a thick layer of thatch. When spring comes and it’s time to beautify your lawn for summer barbecues and outdoor play, use a scarifier to remove thatch. Scaring your lawn—removing the layer of dead grass that builds up over the winter—is an important part of maintaining your lawn. Leaving thatch in place prevents water and nutrients from reaching the base of your lawn.

For an easy-to-use scarifier with no housing bills, consider: Sun Joe 12 Amp Scarifier and Lawn Dethatcher. The five depth options and solid construction of this machine make it perfect for maneuvering around your lawn when preparing it for summer.

Things to know before buying a lawn mower

Thatch also reduces airflow around the lawn, which can quickly lead to moss growth. Once moss occurs, it continues to grow and tends to become a problem that cannot be easily remedied.


Knowing how deep to scratch is important for a beautiful, healthy lawn.of Royal Horticultural Society A thatch layer depth of less than 3/8 inch is recommended. Scratch it too deeply and it can damage your lawn for a whole year to repair. The purpose of scarification is to break up thatch and get enough air into the lawn to encourage new, healthy growth.

Difference between manual and electric

there are two types lawn mower You can choose between manual and electric. A manual scarifier can be as simple as a lawn rake, but it requires painstaking work. Other manual models are push scarifiers. These are convenient for small gardens and don’t require much maintenance.

Electric scarifiers are the best option if you have a particularly large garden or want to avoid excessive effort. These include corded and cordless models. Like any garden machine, it requires more maintenance such as winterization.


In general, plastic-based machines tend to be less durable than metal machines. If possible, invest in a metal machine that has good reviews for durability. Otherwise, you will end up replacing parts every year.

working depth

We don’t want to scare you too deeply, so it’s important to pay attention to the depth of the scare before you buy. Double check if you have adjustable working depth. This will allow you to customize scars each year based on roofing thickness.


The secret of a good scarifier lies in the number of teeth and the type of teeth. To get the best scar, you need as many teeth as possible. More teeth make the lawn look like it’s been eaten away, but it leaves a drastic scar, leading to more rapid growth.

What to look for in a quality lawn mower

adjustable depth

Quality scarifiers are adjustable for working depth. The more options you have, the better. The thickness of thatch varies from year to year. If you can adjust how deep the scarifier works, you can avoid tearing the turf more than necessary and damaging the delicate roots of the turf layer.

collection bag

Many scarifiers have a built-in collection bag or compartment. This may seem like a small feature, but it makes a big difference when you’re scratching an entire lawn and need to pick up debris. A collection compartment keeps your trash neatly stored until you’re ready to empty it.


One reason to scare your lawn is to increase airflow to the base of your lawn. Having more air in the roots helps avoid rotten areas and encourages growth. The best scarifiers also come with an aerator, allowing him to do two lawn cares with one machine, providing the perfect opportunity to increase airflow around the grass roots.

easy storage

If you have a lawn, you know how quickly lawn maintenance tools and machines can fill up your garage or shed. Adding scarifiers to the collection takes up space. If you get a quality scarifier, you may enjoy better storage options. Many products have telescoping handles or folding parts that allow scarifiers to be stored in tight spaces.

steel teeth

To avoid having to replace your scarifier teeth every year, look for one with high-quality stainless steel teeth. These represent themselves not only more durable and efficient, but also higher quality, longer lasting machines made from the best materials.

air flow inlet

An often overlooked feature is a series of air inlets. These use air movement to lift and remove debris from the lawn, preventing the machine from jamming before the job is done. Newer, better built machines have air inlets.

How much do you expect the lawn mower to cost

Budget $100 to $500 to buy scarifiers. The price depends on the model chosen, whether it is manual or electric, and its features. Machine size and power also affect the price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Mowers

Is a Lawnmower Worth It?

A. If you want to maintain a beautiful green lawn year after year, buying a lawnmower is worth it. You can easily prevent moss from growing on your lawn, allow your lawn to breathe, rehydrate, and fertilize more efficiently. Lawn mowers lead to stronger, faster, healthier growth, especially when it comes to an annual habit.

When should you not damage your lawn?

A. There are some cases where scarification should be skipped. If you’ve just laid lawn seed, or a new lawn or lawn, let him wait a year before scaring him for the grass to take root. For wet springs, avoid scaring when the lawn is already wet. If you choose to wait until the fall to scare, be sure to scare before the first freeze. If the first freeze has already occurred, plan to skip the scarification process for the year.

What will the lawn look like after scaring?

A. There’s no denying that your lawn looks a little rough right after it’s been damaged. A toothed machine is used to tear away layers of dead grass and blow air into the lawn. The lawn will look ragged at first, but it will usually result in a healthier lawn with a more even, brighter green color.

What is the best lawn mower to buy?

top lawn scarf

Sun Joe 12 Amp Scarifier and Lawn Dethatcher

Our view: This compact scarifier is a great option for new homeowners or anyone looking to take their lawn care to the next level.

What we like: This scarifier is small at about 13 inches wide, so it’s very maneuverable. In working depth he has 5 options and a fair amount of customization each year.

What we don’t like: Reportedly, this scarifier does not work well, especially in rocky soils.

Where to buy: available in home depot

Best value for money lawn mower

Greenworks 14 inch 10 amp corded dethatcher

Our view: If you’re looking for a comfortable yet sturdy scarifier that’s built without breaking the bank, this is the scarifier for you.

What we like: You’ll enjoy the ergonomic design and the grip of the padded handle, especially after scaring the whole garden. The 14-inch width gets the job done quickly, and her three options for working depth give you more control.

What we don’t like: It does not come with a collection bag, so you will have to pick up your trash.

Where to buy: available in Amazon

worth checking out

Earthwise 16 Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Dethatcher

Our view: This adjustable scarifier is made from high quality materials and comes with a 2 year warranty.

What we like: This scarifier has a working depth of 16 inches and a removable debris catcher.

What we don’t like: If the roofing is too thick, this machine can have a hard time removing it.

Where to buy: available in Amazon


  • If you’ve recently planted grass seeds or laid a new lawn, it’s a good idea to wait a full year before scaring them off. This will allow the new lawn to settle, as scaring it will damage the lawn a bit.
  • Once the lawn is firmly rooted, make a plan to intimidate it once a year. At least, scare me once every few years. The best thing is to scare in the spring. At first, the lawn looks a little shabby, but with plenty of summer sun, stimulating air flow and water, it becomes lush and gorgeous.
  • If you don’t want your lawn to look ragged, you can also mow your lawn in early fall. This is a practical solution if implemented in September or October. Even though your lawn won’t be devastated at the beginning of summer, you can still benefit from taking care of your lawn before the first frost.

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