Fun Holiday Party Themes for a Merry Good Time

For many people this time of year, twinkling lights and the smell of fresh, baked cookies remind them of festive celebrations that honor the holiday season and capture the joy of togetherness with family and friends.

Memories of past holiday parties may fill their minds, as they ponder how to create the perfect holiday bash. But most certainly, whether you’re rockin’ around the Christmas tree or watching your favorite holiday movie, you’ll enjoy the jubilee as you discover the many ways to celebrate this season.

Check out these fun holiday party themes for a merry good time:

Holiday Card Party

Personalizing and then mailing Christmas cards is one of the most popular and inexpensive ways to include faraway family and friends. And this Christmas tradition can be even more delightful when you invite your friends and/or family for holiday treats while organizing your mail-outs.

For added fun, have everyone bring their favorite Christmas cards for sharing. If you’re sending out photos, be sure to include photo Christmas cards or cards with photo holders. Choose from a variety of designs, such as holly leaves or bright ribbon themes and printed messages that spread Christmas cheer.

Gift Wrapping Party

Do you know someone who’s a Grinch at gift wrapping? Maybe they just don’t have the knack for making custom bows and fancy packages. If you’re an expert in gift wrapping, why not share the spirit of Cindy Lou Who and save Christmas by inviting your loved ones to a gift wrapping party?

Have your guests bring over different wrapping paper options or other supplies. No doubt everyone will enjoy working with different gift wrap themes! And don’t forget the food. Create a smorgasbord of finger foods for snacking and pipe in some festive Christmas tunes to get the party started.

Christmas Movie Marathon

If you love Christmas movies (and who doesn’t?), consider hosting a Christmas movie marathon. Invite as many guests as you can comfortably fit in front of the screen. You can also make it extra fun by having your guests write down one of their all-time favorite Christmas movies and put the slips of paper into a basket for a random drawing of a few selections. Don’t forget the popcorn! And, if any of your guests want to spread festive cheer by dressing in holiday costumes, let the masquerade begin. It’s showtime!

Christmas Lights Tour

Rent a limousine and spend the evening with friends and family touring your own city or town while enjoying the sights and sounds of Christmas. Make sure to fill the limo with light snacks and bubbly for toasting each other’s most cherished Christmas memories. Alternatively, you could visit a Christmas open house during your outing or book a reservation at your favorite steakhouse for a special holiday meal. Make your night extra fun by having your guests vote for their favorite holiday decoration.

80s Dance Party

Invite your guests for a fun dance fest this season. Do you love the 80s and big hair bands? Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to bring back rock-n-roll and you’re wondering how to do it for a Christmas party. Go ahead and get those rock Christmas ballads together. Set up a DJ booth in your home or wherever you have room to rock around the tree. And don’t forget to stock the bar with a sampling of gourmet beers and hang the mistletoe. Cheers!

Pancake and Pajama Brunch

Who says Christmas parties have to be at nighttime? Instead of hosting a big festive party, rise and shine for brunch dressed in your favorite Christmas pajamas. Invite your guests to join you for pancakes รก la mode. Together, you can all create a spread with a variety of toppings and syrups. Want to include some additional delicacies? Then add some side dishes, such as a breakfast quiche or sausage patties and light, buttery biscuits.

Make More Lifetime Memories

Whether you decide to rock the night away or kick back in your fuzzy slippers for a pancake feast, the most important theme of all will be one inspired by the memories you’ve made. Start a Christmas party tradition each year and select a different theme or choose one that becomes your trademark party of the year. Ultimately, you and your loved ones will look forward to this festive time when good times are had. Happy holidays!


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