Full-time playoff starter Max Strath of Heat readjusts to bench life, ‘gets into place’ – Leading Eagle

As Tyler Herro and Caleb Martin focus on joining the Miami Heat’s starting lineup, Max Strath finds himself involved in Part B of the equation.

After making 18 playoff appearances last season and starting in the final six games of the regular season, Strus is back in reserve life for the Strus on the reconfigured Erik Spoelstra bench.

“I think what I’m doing fits into any lineup,” Strath said.The Heat faced the Boston Celtics at FTX Arena on Friday night. It’s not that hard, and I think that’s one of my strengths.

“So I’m just trying to do it well, let the major players do their job and space them out. And when I open up, shoot the ball.”

In the Heat’s loss to the visiting Chicago Bulls on opening night, Strath not only contributed 22 points, but grabbed seven of the 14 rebounds the Heat’s reserves secured.

“We play a little smaller,” Strus said. One set in that game put him at power forward and left Jimmy Butler at center. “There will be little guys out there who have to rebound. Guards need to step up and rebound.

“I can do it.

Officially listed at 6-foot-5, 220 pounds, Strath said he arrived at camp in the leanest shape of his NBA career.

“I’m the lightest I’ve ever been and probably the strongest I’ve ever been,” he said before training camp.

“I’ve probably lost eight pounds. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a lot. I’m leaner. That was my plan. And it’s me.” I think it will help you to be more explosive and wear down your body less.

For Strus, the approach is to accept that each new season brings new challenges. The Heat brought back 13 of his players from last season’s roster, but he said the rotation remix has led to new pairings.

“We’re still trying to figure things out,” he said.The Heat continue their four-game opening homestand against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday night.

“Even with a lot of players coming back, it’s still a different lineup, different players playing together and getting to know each other again. Once you start playing, it clicks faster.”

What appears to be a feature of the reconstituted second unit is a variety of three-point pointing, from Strus to Duncan Robinson to Gabe Vincent.

But against the Bulls, the Heat only attempted 28 3-point shots. The Heat averaged 35.8 last season, ranking in the middle of the league.

“Spo will get it,” Strass said. “He’ll let us organize, take more threes and play the way we want to.”

For now, Spoelstra will continue to ride a revised line-up that includes power forward Martin.

Spoelstra said Martin played as advertised in the season opener.

“I thought he brought some really good stuff, his energy and versatility on both sides of the floor,” he said. “It’s something we can definitely build on.”

However, as was sometimes the case Wednesday night, Strath said he was ready and willing to make a power forward if requested.

“I think I can keep Foes in the league, and a lot of players don’t post up anymore,” he said. “So on that front, we’re ready. So I think the biggest thing is the rebound.”

() Full-time playoff starter Max Strath of Heat readjusts to bench life, ‘gets into place’ – Leading Eagle

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