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Friends Raise Funds and Support for Nathan Moody’s Family, Man Killed in Interstate 95 Crash and Fire in Northeast Philadelphia – NBC10 Philadelphia

As expected by drivers across the region Interstate 95 reopens Fridaya friend of A man who died in a fire when a tanker truck crashed on the highway tries to remember him.

“This was a dad. This was a partner. This was a community member,” Merchantville, New Jersey resident Alex Hercharek told NBC10.

At 6:20 a.m. on June 11, Harchalek’s friend and neighbor Nathan Moody, 53, was driving a tank truck filled with about 8,500 gallons of gasoline in northeastern Philadelphia.

Investigators said Moody lost control of his vehicle as he made a turn at the end of Interstate 95 onto Cotman Avenue. Authorities said the vehicle then turned sideways, then burst, and eventually exploded. Surveillance video from a nearby business captured the crash and explosion.

A fire from the explosion collapsed an elevated section of Interstate 95. Responding firefighters eventually managed to bring the blaze under control.

Moody’s body was found the next day in the rubble of the collapse. Investigators said the man died from blunt force trauma to his head, inhalation and burns. His death was ruled an accident.

The collapse blocked Interstate 95 in both directions between the Alamingo and Woodhaven exits. Officials said Thursday that temporary lanes on Interstate 95 will reopen at noon Friday, well ahead of schedule.

Much attention has been focused on the rebuilding of Interstate 95 and its impact on traffic, but Harcharek tries not to obscure the fact that her friend lost her life. .

“I wanted people to understand that this man’s story wasn’t drowned out by bridge repairs, and that he was a real person,” she said.

Moody’s family described him as a hardworking father of three, an Army veteran who owns and has driven trucks for 10 years. Hercharek also spoke about her family’s ties to Moody’s.

“Our daughters just finished first grade together and it was so much fun to see them playing in the schoolyard,” she said. “They were just starting to become really close friends.”

Hercharek also said the timing of Moody’s death only made the tragedy worse.

“Even though it was Father’s Day and last Saturday should have been Nate’s 54th birthday, I thought about how my child would feel from one parent to another,” she said. .

A funeral has not yet been scheduled. Hercharek created GoFundMe to help cover the costs of the Moody’s family. Over $35,000 has been raised so far. Hercharek spoke of the impact the support has had on a longtime Moody’s partner who continues to cope with her loss.

“Overwhelmed is the perfect word,” said Harcharek. “It takes so much to deal with a sudden loss that we don’t even think about it until it happens. But she is so grateful for the support. rice field.”

In addition to the money, Moody’s friends and family also shared their stories in a series of messages.

“Some of the stories people have shared about their own loss and life as a truck driver have been collected to share with Nate’s daughter so that people can continue to have kind messages. I’m going to,” said Harchalek. “We collect them. Make sure she gets it.”

https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/friend-raises-money-and-support-for-family-of-man-killed-in-i-95-crash-and-fire/3590872/ Friends Raise Funds and Support for Nathan Moody’s Family, Man Killed in Interstate 95 Crash and Fire in Northeast Philadelphia – NBC10 Philadelphia

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