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Four Reasons why students should take their internship seriously

While the goal of higher education is all about making the students ready for success in their careers, there are a lot of things that cannot be taught inside campuses. While books, libraries, lectures and laboratories help a lot in concept building for the students, there still remains a wide gap between what is taught in schools and what the hiring companies expect them to do.

Theories and models can be taught well inside classrooms, but not skills. In order to prepare students for what they are required to do, when they get recruited, internships or On-The-Job training (OJT) play a pivotal role. It’s also true that internships benefit more than only students; employers will also benefit with a wide variety of distinct advantages when they hire soon-to-be graduates.

A student is benefitted in multitude of ways on getting a good internship. While academic prowess and the attainment of critical life skills are both significant aspects of effective training received while in college, the importance of experiential learning is increasingly significant.Below some of the advantages of internships are enlisted:

Exposure to their chosen field:

Internships can be a terrific opportunity to acquire a taste of real-world professional experience in a sector before fully committing to it. Internships offer various benefits, such as the ability to ‘test drive’ a job, in addition to having a toe in the door with a prospective employer and going smoothly on a CV.

Establishing links:

During internship, students are given the opportunity to network and create relationships in their profession. Many students use their internship as a stepping stone to additional opportunities inside the organisation, including full-time employment. These links can be helpful in later phase in career especially in providing industry references in resumes.

Internships provide the students with once in a lifetime experience of forging critical contacts, which can help them at several instances and even in permanent recruitment.

Strengthening Resume:

A good experience in a coveted organization, provides the much-needed boost to your resume. It leaves a lasting impression on the recruiters to see even a short work experience in the CV of fresher.  The resumes with a filled up experience column has more chances to get shortlisted .If you have done your internship properly, you will easily be able to answer questions that the interviewer shoots at you.

Helpful in clinching placement drives:

Students who have had earlier work experience (no matter how big or small) in their relevant fields are more likely to be shortlisted by the recruiters. Here is when internships play an important role.  “More than half of all graduating seniors who applied for a full-time job (53.2 percent) received at least one job offer. Of these, a job offer was obtained by 57.5 percent of students who had an internship and 43.7 percent of graduating seniors who did not have an internship.” according to NACE’s Class of 2019 Student Survey.

It is advisable to all students to take their internships as a golden learning opportunity and an infallible way to make it to the lot of shortlisted candidates during recruitment drives.


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