Fleet Management Systems- Do they really help with efficiency of the fleet of Vehicles?

If you landed on this page, assuming that you are new to the fleet business must not be very wrong. Now you must be wondering how we did this guesswork? Well, the answer is simple. Anyone who is in fleet business is involved with fleet management tactics.

Fleet management solution is everything a trucking business needs to keep their fleet running efficiently, on the dot, within budget and, grow profitably. They keep a track of pointers laid down by the IFTA including DoT compliance, HoS, and DVIR.

However, we are not here to startle you with all these words but to grease the wheels for you. Going through this post will probably streamline your conceptions and notions about managing your fleet using Fleet Management Systems.

So let’s get started without increasing your anxiety level. But firstly, we need to know what is the purpose of Fleet Management.

Purpose Of Fleet Management Solution

The answer is as easy as ABC. Any business with their hands in the commercial vehicle faces chief concerns like real-time tracking, workforce driving patterns, vehicle monitoring, fuel efficiency and, predicting vehicle failures. They can find it challenging to manage the pool of vehicles at the best of times. It is where fleet management comes into action. It sews up the usage of the automobile to their ace amplitude.

Fleet Management is what a trucking business uses to manage the fleet and its related information – from head to toe.

A good fleet management solution has a lot more to offer than just tracking the location of your vehicles. So let’s take a brief look at why you need Fleet Management solutions.

  • For Tracking Your Trucks And Valuable Assets

Any organization relying heavily on its vehicles and equipment needs a vehicle tracking system for an efficient and profitable run. Whether at the office or in the field, connection with the fleet is vital for any fleet business. With four or 4000 vehicles, irrespective of the number, tracking the location of each truck or car can be a challenging nightmare.

Fleet management includes GPS tracking that keeps track of all the assets and vehicles and provides their real-time location and gives better insights into the fleet operations so that you don’t get worried about them all the time.

  • For Cost Optimization

A well-managed fleet will keep its operation cost at a minimum by getting rid of unnecessary expenses carried out by a sound fleet management solution. The extra expenditure from maintenance, fuel consumption, operational cost is the major burn to your funds if not kept under control. A fleet management solution can stand up to it by running a fuel efficiency program to tackle the fuel prices. These solutions also help with asset and cargo tracking to avoid theft and misuse, and much more. The upshot of all these features is the increased productivity and profitability of your fleet business.

  • Meeting Compliance Requirement

Comprehensive fleet management also ensures that your fleet is compliant with federal and state laws, particularly HOS (Hours Of Service), ELD(Electronic Logging Device), DVIR, and IFTA.

Fleets subjected to the mandate are required to maintain duty status of their drivers through ELDs for HOS, so a good CMSS(Fleet Management Solution) ensures the driver has an accurate recording of their driving time and relieves the stress of keeping records and staying compliant to logs manually.

  • For Vehicle Acquisition

Amassing the vehicles and equipment is not a simple financial transaction but art and can be challenging. But a fleet management solution correctly understands the fleet vehicle utilization and forecasts the proper purchase strategy. Vehicle class, vehicle lifecycle, and market timing are the significant factors considered by an effective fleet management solution.

  • Accident And Risk Management

A Fleet Management platform always mitigates the risks by dedicating resources and finding capable strategies that they face every day. It comes up with policies tailored to match the necessities of specific businesses and the risks fleets face every day.

  • Safety And Retention Of Drivers

Keeping their drivers safe is one of the major challenges for any fleet company. It can be exacting to ensure the safety of the drivers when they are hundreds of miles away from the site. But tools like dashcams and vehicle GPS trackers can bring real-time visibility and serve as a piece of evidence or material in case of any mishap.

These all processes are carried out by using Fleet Management Software which gives all the admissible information on the functioning of your fleet whenever and wherever you want.

There are well-known fleet management solution vendors like Matrack, which are easy to use and serve you a plausible platform. They help to keep an eye on your vehicles and other valuable assets at the lowest subscription. Matrack also offers a free demo for up to a month involving no contracts. So you need to pay only when you are satisfied with no hidden charges.


The benefits of a fleet management solution are appealing to future trends. It is manifesting more bridging and real-time data to the world.

Still not convinced by the magic of fleet management solution? Here are some convincing benefits, and if even one of these strikes close to home, then we got our job done.

  • You will be able to create a work order, define priorities and do corrective maintenance.
  • Creates a safer environment for the drivers.
  • Automated and streamlined dispatch for quick fruition.
  • Compliance with federal and state laws.
  • Access information from anywhere, anytime.
  • For making most of your resources, i.e., vehicles, assets.
  • Secure your safety assets.
  • To get more profit.
  • To increase the life of your trucks and vehicles with proper maintenance.
  • Less maintenance cost.

Fleets are customarily adopting new techniques to keep up their shoulders in the swamp of fleet business.

In the current transportation industry, a fleet must run smoothly to be profitable. This post could not groove all the responsibilities and challenges a fleet business faces, it can only be seen with time. But with the main factors we have addressed, it could be a great start for you.

Do let us know how this article helped you in managing your fleet. Happy to assist!


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