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First day of trout season, local anglers hit river banks

Blair County (WTAJ) – Fishermen all over middle Pennsylvania hit the water today for the first day of trout season.

Streams such as Little Juniata in Blair County were fished as anglers sought to take advantage of releases made by local hatcheries. Randy Benson took advantage of the warm temperatures Saturday morning with his grandson Easton.

The two joined others near the entrance to Canoe Creek State Park, where the parking lot was full.

“I’m taking my grandson Easton out today. His dad is a fish keeper, so I’m privileged to have him,” Benson said. “Easton caught two trout today, I caught two he did, and it was a great day.”

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Benson says that while he enjoys fishing, he enjoys teaching and spending time with his grandchildren more.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/local-anglers-hit-stream-banks-for-first-day-of-trout-season/ First day of trout season, local anglers hit river banks

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