Firefighters rescue dog from icy pond in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on Christmas – NBC10 Philadelphia

Firefighters rushed to rescue a dog trapped in icy waters on Christmas Day in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Dan Duccardi told NBC10 about 2 p.m. Sunday when he was visiting family for the holidays when a 6-year-old black lab named Jack was found on Old Brickyard Pond near Heller Road in Richland Township. He said he had to stop for the restroom outside. However, when Jack found the ducks, he chased them into the pond and fell through the ice into the water.

“He’s a water and duck dog, but if you’re not ready, believe me, he was cold,” Duckardi said. “That shocked him.”

Volunteer firefighters rescue a dog from a frozen pond in Richland Township, Pennsylvania, on Christmas Day. NBC10 got a video of the holiday rescue.

The Quakertown Fire Department is dispatched to the scene.

“We could see him the whole time,” said Quakertown volunteer firefighter Andy Snyder. “He had his head above the water, he was struggling to get up on the ice, but he clearly couldn’t. And as a dog owner, that’s what brought my family home on Christmas Day.” It was part of my motivation to leave and save someone else’s dog…”

Duckcardi recorded that firefighters rescued Jack, who was about 100 feet from shore.

“He was in the water for about 30 minutes,” Duckcardi said. “A lot goes through your mind. Hypothermia. He’s treading water until he can’t.”

Firefighters pulled Jack into the boat and rushed him to a veterinarian for an examination.

Rescuers told NBC10 it was the first time they had used drysuits and boats to perform rescues on ice. Luckily for Jack, the firefighters were still training extensively for just that situation.

“I kept telling him to come here because I could relax in his presence,” said Quakertown volunteer firefighter Dylan Winters. I was able to swim so I grabbed him and pulled him up into the boat and when I put him on my lap he just lay down so he knew he was okay. I think I understand.”

Jack is fine and Duckcardi and his family are very grateful.

“Thank God,” Duckcardi told NBC10. “And my wife literally fell to her knees and thanked God.” Firefighters rescue dog from icy pond in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on Christmas – NBC10 Philadelphia

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