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Find Location of Your Partner Using Location Tracking Apps

Every relationship is built on trust. However, sometimes that might not be enough. There will also come a time in every relationship when you may be required to resort to various other methods like tracking your partner’s smartphone to ensure they’re completely faithful and honest.

If you are one of the users reading this, there are a lot of questions you might concur with. How can you track your partner’s phone location? How can you track the phone without anyone knowing? How do you find your spouse’s phone? This article will show some of the best apps to track a smartphone without permission. However, before we get into it, first know that these thoughts are standard to run through your mind.

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Irrespective of the situations you’re in now, you deserve to feel safe and secure and have your fears allayed. So, without any further ado, let’s get down to the primary subject.

What Info Do You Need to Know?

The first and foremost step to tracking your smartphone is to know what you need to track precisely. Do you wish to know their location or observe all their calls and messages? With the correct application, you can locate your partner’s location at any point. The application might even let a user get a step further through tracking call logs, text messages, browser history, and many more.

Why Track Your Partner’s Phone?

There are several justifiable reasons why you would want to spy on your partner’s phone comprising:


  • Checking if their smartphone has been stolen.
  • For security or safety reasons and to make sure your partner is safe.
  • To check if your partner has cheated or is cheating.

How To Track Your Partner’s Phone for Free?

Luckily, there are many ways present that allow you to track your partner’s location without spending much money. Some of the apps are also free if you do not know.

Android Devices

If your spouse uses an Android smartphone, one can track their location with Google’s feature of Find My Device. You’ll be required to first utilize a PC to visit android.com/find and then sign in to the Google Account linked to their phone.

Having said that, you can use another device to track the smartphone if you are not close to a computer or any other device. All one has to do is download the ‘Find My Device’ app and sign in. And once you’re in, do not think about anything else. Google will start tracking your spouse’s phone.

iOS Devices

The tracking procedure for iPhones is simple and seamless, too, through the Find My iPhone application. Here are some of the steps to do it:

  1. Sign in to iCloud
  2. Open the Find My iPhone application and click on “Find iPhone.”
  3. Post that, view location on the mop

How to Spy on Smartphones Without Any Physical Access?

If you require information other than just their location, consider installing a phone spy application. Phone spy applications are software that can give you all the insight you need from your spouse’s phone without having to think about getting caught. A simple search online can reveal that there are several spy apps available that can offer stealth and advanced functionality to assist you in tracking your target.

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And, did you know that one of the best phone spy applications available is mSpy. Speaking of which, mSPy is a cell phone tracking tool that can run on smartphones and tablets to track almost every activity on the target device. More importantly, it also leaves no trace of digital footprints, allowing no one to get caught utilizing the tracker.

What Can You Track with mSpy?

mSpy has numerous advanced spying capabilities you can find useful. If you want to learn more, here are some valuable features you can take advantage of when it comes to using this app:

  1. GPS Tracking – If you wish to know about your partner’s location, you’d be happy to know that this app has a GPS location tab that allows you to track your partner’s place. The app will give your partner’s location on detailed maps. It even allows you access to route history for a specific timeframe.
  2. Geofencing – This is yet another feature that is embedded with GPS location features. All you need to know is you can set up ‘safe zones’ in the application and have it notified to you whenever your spouse enters or leaves these zones.


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