Fetterman Introduces Organic Farming Bill

(WTAJ) – Two Pennsylvania senators introduced legislation to support the organic farming industry through increased funding and research prioritization.

Pennsylvania Senators John Fetterman, Senators Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania), Senators Peter Welch (D-Vermont), Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ), Sherrod Brown (D-) -Ohio), Senators Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-Oregon) introduced the Organic Science Research Investment Act on July 13.

The Organic Science Research Investment Law stipulates the following:

  • Requires USDA research institutions to better coordinate organic research and its dissemination.
  • Make sure the USDA considers organic research priorities when justifying its budget to Congress.
  • Requests USDA to consider the feasibility of certifying more research sites as organic.
  • Increase mandatory funding for the Organic Research Extension Initiative (OREI), which provides grants to universities and other organizations for organic research.
  • Create a statutory grant program to study producer decisions regarding the transition to organic production and develop the government’s organic research efforts.

organic farming and farming We focus on using compost and recycling organic materials to reduce our use of non-renewable energy. Food is grown and processed without synthetic materials or chemicals, without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and utilizes crop rotation to promote soil regeneration.

Popular organic food brands include: daily harvest, sun basket, fresh direct, beyond meat and Hungry Harvest. Each company is committed to providing healthy, organic and synthetic-free food.

Organic farms in Pennsylvania have a significant economic impact on the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth ranks fourth in the nation with over 1,125 certified organic farms.

In 2021 alone, Pennsylvania farms produced and sold $1.09 billion in organic goods. Sen. Fetterman’s bill would increase investment in this fast-growing industry to support efforts to increase production in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

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“We are proud to introduce this measure to expand resources for Pennsylvania’s vital organic industry. We have to support them in the field,” Fetterman said. “We are one of the top producers of organic matter and we need to stay that way. We have invested $1.8 million, and I will fight hard to ensure that the federal government’s role in supporting organic research and small farmers can also be achieved.”

The bill is backed by more than 60 organizations, including two organizations in Pennsylvania, PCO Certified Organic and PASA Sustainable Agriculture. Fetterman Introduces Organic Farming Bill

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