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Fetterman and Shapiro Bring Students Together at Penn State University | PA Rights and Policies

UNIVERSITY PARK — Lt. Gov. John Fetterman joined Attorney General Josh Shapiro on the lawn in front of Penn State University’s Old Main Building Wednesday night to cast each Democratic candidate in front of a crowd of about 200, mostly I sold it to students.

Elliot Copeland, a Democrat at Pennsylvania State University, who sponsored the event, introduced U.S. Senate candidate Fetterman and gubernatorial candidate Shapiro, and touted the university’s “leadership and service” values.

Candidates did their best to connect at the student level, shooting Fetterman’s opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz for drinking red wine recently while hanging out with Penn State football fans .

Mr. Fetterman’s campaign consistently seeks to portray Oz as estranged from the people of the state.

Fetterman, who suffered a stroke four days before the primary election in May, said his difficulty in recovery was emblematic of the ongoing struggle for many across the state.

“I was devastated, but I bounced back. That’s what this campaign is all about,” he said. “Everyone beaten down in Pennsylvania had to rise up. Every forgotten community across Pennsylvania had to be rebuilt.”

He criticized Oz for “fraud” and “lies.”

As a parent with three school-aged sons and a college-age daughter, Shapiro did his best to connect with his students. He spoke about the concerns he and his wife Lori have for their children.

“We worry about their future. We worry about their safety. We worry about how we brought them into this world. 49 years ago when we Opportunities are fewer than in the blessed world.

He vowed to give the residents of Pennsylvania new opportunities if elected governor.

Jaden Weed, a third-year engineering science major, was one of the students picking up what the candidates had submitted.

“We’re trying to turn PA blue, and we’re trying to keep it blue,” says Weed.

https://lancasteronline.com/news/politics/fetterman-shapiro-rally-students-at-penn-state/article_06af3124-5b19-11ed-aa0d-b32d157b2e26.html Fetterman and Shapiro Bring Students Together at Penn State University | PA Rights and Policies

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