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Family of murdered state-educated fashion designer speaks out

Lower Manhattan (PIX11) – For 48 weeks, the Gallagher family waited for justice to be served for them. daughter Katie. This week, a Manhattan grand jury indicted her murder suspects, and they delivered their first sentence.

The fashion designer, who has worked with Lady Gaga and Laverne Cox, was found dead in her Eldridge Street apartment last July during a medical examination.

“My heart sank there…a vibrant young beautiful person who was trying to live her own life,” said Debbie Gallagher, who spoke for the first time since her daughter’s murder.

Prosecutors said Katie, 35, came out alone from a bar when she ran into Kenwood Allen and was drugged outside the building.

“It was seven steps from her apartment when the person approached her,” Barry Gallagher recalled of his daughter’s fate.

Investigators said she was one of nearly 20 victims of a pair of callous robbers.

Allen and Sean Shirley are alleged to have drugged and robbed their targets between June and December 2022.

All were incapacitated by the effects of fentanyl.

DEA Special Agent Frank Tarantino explained, “Because ingestion of an unknown substance is potentially lethal, even a tiny amount is lethal.”

A lethal cocktail was found in Gallagher’s body, and the coroner ruled it a homicide.

“The bottom line is that she was the victim of a so-called ‘fishing expedition,'” Debbie explained.

Four fatal overdoses in 15 days are linked to the Allen-Shirley duo, according to the district attorney. If convicted, both could face up to 15 years in prison.

The bodies of two men, Sadas Ahmed and Alex Rudnitsky, were also found in the Bronx last summer.

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The Gallagher couple spoke out for the first time in the hope that this would not destroy their new family.

“I see young people walking outside and I think they should be with someone. Friends,” Barry said.

a fundraiser was founded by the Gallagher sisters to help future fashion designers get started.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/family-of-killed-state-college-native-fashion-designer-speak-out/ Family of murdered state-educated fashion designer speaks out

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