ExtraGive support is strong, but last year may not have been the best | News

ExtraGive in 2022 was supposed to put on an impressive show late Friday night, but it probably didn’t match the total donations in recent years.

As of press time Friday night, the Lancaster County Community Foundation signature fundraising event has received a $9.4 donation to benefit more than 450 local nonprofits. At the same time last year, that total was $15.8 million for 516 participating organizations.

The county’s largest annual online giving day, ExtraGive provides an opportunity for individuals and local businesses to support organizations they care about, encourage others to donate, and raise awareness of the causes they support .

“This community is very generous. Our motive is to create a festive environment, encourage people to donate, and provide a platform to make it easy and engaging. It’s a celebration.”

Now in its 11th year, ExtraGive has raised over $80 million since its launch in 2012. This is the largest annual public event for the 98-year-old Lancaster County Community Foundation. Last year’s total was $15.8 million.

“We are inspired by the thousands of people who are giving today and supporting causes they care about,” said Tracy Cutler, executive vice president of the Foundation. Our ambition is the same as every year: to invite more people to join Lancaster’s giving ecosystem so we can build our shared future together.”

When asked how much money the foundation expects to raise this year, with fewer participating groups than in 2021, Cutler said he did not estimate how much they could raise. rice field.

“You never know how the night will play out. It’s a pleasant surprise every time,” she said.

Many organizations that regularly attend the event withdrew this year, citing the Foundation’s new requirement that all groups participating in Extragive have a non-discrimination policy.

The main recipient of Friday’s donation was the Lancaster Conservancy. The Lancaster Conservancy is an organization that protects and restores the ecosystems and landscapes that people depend on for food, clean water, clean air, economy and public health. The Lancaster Conservancy has raised over $435,000 at the time of writing. The Water Street Mission was also a top contributor with over $370,000 raised. The Children Deserve A Chance Foundation with 1,553 led the list of organizations with the most donors.

In downtown Lancaster’s Penn Square, the 14th-floor windows of the Greest Building were illuminated with 198 lights from 5 p.m. to midnight.

In the meantime, there have been numerous ExtraGive-related events and gatherings throughout the county, including at the Quarryville Library Centre, Lancaster’s Clipper Magazine Stadium, Columbia Creative Factory, Lancaster Central Market and The Ware Center in downtown Lancaster. It included an event.

“We support and respect donations in any way, at any time,” Bressi said.

Mountville resident Kim Morrow was at the Columbia Creative Factory Friday night helping paint a mural for the community.

“I’ve been attending ExtraGive forms for years, but this is the first time I’m attending an event,” says Morrow. “I would like to donate to many organizations in Colombia.”

The Ware Center lobby was alive with music and dance by the Imani Edutainers African Dance Company, which hosted community dance classes for the public.

Adults and children alike danced to the beat of djembe drums, following a series of traditional African dance moves.

“I’m glad the community is on board,” said Taylor Sanders, a Mannheim Township resident who came out to support the event with her husband Steve and three daughters.

“It’s a great way to get kids thinking about giving back and learn about things they don’t usually get to touch. It’s interactive and festive,” Sanders said of the ExtraGive event. “It’s a good way to remember to give, not just receive.”

The day of giving ended with the ExtraGive Fest held at the Lancaster County Convention Center. The event, which ran from 8pm to midnight, featured five musical acts. ExtraGive support is strong, but last year may not have been the best | News

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