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Elementary wins rally with Steelers cornerback Levi Wallace

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – It may be the offseason for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but cornerback Levi Wallace touchdown at Acmetonia Elementary School on Friday.

The school won assembly #29 through a competition with Austin Air Systems, a company that educates people about air quality and respiratory health.

“The message we want to emphasize to kids is that there are a lot of things they have no control over when it comes to air quality,” said Stacey Maresski, marketing director for Austin Air Systems. They can’t control emissions or smog, but they can control things like not smoking e-cigarettes. “

Air quality is also a passion of Acmetonia’s science teacher McCall Emerick, who participated in the competition.

“I got an email saying you entered a contest online… jokingly the next day, on my way to lunch, I said to one of the admins here.th Grade, we wouldn’t be able to do anything,” said Emerick.

The teacher admits that it was just a joke and wasn’t too optimistic about winning because the Pittsburgh area has so many schools for Austin Air Systems to choose from.

“But I was still thinking about what I was going to lose,” Emerick said.

Emerick’s thought process was correct. Acmetonia had nothing to lose as they eventually won the assembly against Levi Wallace.

“I felt like I won the lottery. It was a really big surprise,” said Emerick.

The win was a double surprise for principal Gregory Hebner.

“I was watching the news because there was a board meeting that night, and when I saw they mentioned Acmetonia Elementary School, what did I say!?”

Heavner said he didn’t know Emerick had enrolled, but said he was glad she took the chance.

“We didn’t have many gatherings after the pandemic, so many people came and are now stepping under us,” Hebner said. We need it, especially in the second half of the school year to keep us energized. This is like medicine. “

Students dance with DJ Milk

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Students in Steeler vests welcomed Wallace into the gym to great cheers.

“They came dressed up for the tailgate party! We represented! We represented 100%!” Emeric said proudly.

Wallace told his students his story, encouraged them to focus on school, took selfies, and, of course, signed autographs.

“It’s always good to give back to the community, especially the children. They look up to you like a superhero,” Wallace said.

The cornerback said that despite being his first year in Pittsburgh, this was just the beginning when it came to giving back to his city.

“I think it goes back to how I was raised and to my parents,” Wallace said. “It was never about football. One day football is over and it becomes a question of what you do on the platform. So as long as I am in this position now and have the means to give back, I will intend to.”

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/elementary-school-wins-assembly-with-steelers-cornerback-levi-wallace/ Elementary wins rally with Steelers cornerback Levi Wallace

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