Election results certified in Lehigh Valley despite last-minute recount petition – The Morning Call

Both Lehigh and Northampton counties certified the results of the Nov. 8 election, and a judge on Tuesday denied a last-minute petition for an election recount in the Lehigh County precinct.

Daniel L. Pauly II, Mary Ann Pauly, and Tam Tran Masucci believe there was fraud on November 23 — the day after the results were certified in Lehi — for Upper Saukon Township’s First Precinct. So I filed a petition for a recount of the hands. Or, according to court documents, an error made in processing votes for Senators, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, and Representatives of the 7th Congressional District.

However, their petition contained no details, and Judge Thomas Capehart cites a lack of evidence and the petition’s failure to mention specific fraud or error. , dismissed this lawsuit.

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Neither the Lehigh County Democratic Commission nor the Lehigh County Republican Commission immediately responded to a request for comment.

Monday was the deadline to prove election results, but not all counties were able to meet it.

Burks County reportedly had to delay certification of results Monday due to multiple recount petitions Statewide Attempt A Pennsylvania court was flooded with petitions to force a recount by supporters of failed gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano.

The Burks County Republican Commission said it filed the petition after some voters complained that the voting machines were changing Republican gubernatorial and senator votes to Democratic candidates. .

The petition was filed during a five-day period to challenge the election results that began when election officials completed the final tally on Nov. 16.

In Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County Election Commission voted to certify election results at 1,311 polling places on Monday, but has since filed a recount petition to certify results from 12 polling locations. did not vote for

of Lucerne CountyDemocratic and Republican members of the Election Commission were bogged down in certification of the election results due to disagreements over whether the election was fair. Election results certified in Lehigh Valley despite last-minute recount petition – The Morning Call

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