Dr. John Fetterman says Pennsylvania senator hopes to be fully functional after stroke

As the Democratic Senate candidate recovering from a debilitating stroke, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman “will be able to work full-time in public office with no job restrictions,” his doctor said.

Dr. Clifford Chen of Duquesne, Pennsylvania, wrote that Fetterman “is recovering well from his stroke and his health continues to improve.” in a note Shared by the candidate’s campaign Wednesday morning.

“He spoke intelligently without cognitive impairment,” Chen wrote during a follow-up visit on Friday. but it’s not really handled properly.”

The doctor’s evaluation was conducted when Fetterman’s auditory processing abilities raised questions about the candidate’s health late in the campaign.

In a recent interview, Fetterman used a teleprompter to provide live closed captioning to fully understand the questions asked of him. Democrats are set to use the same visuals next week in a one-of-a-kind debate with former President Donald Trump-backed Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz.

“Unfortunately for Dr. Oz, I am ready to serve and continue to improve every day,” Fetterman said in a news release.

Fetterman has consistently led Oz in the polls for the election campaign, and is considered the best chance for Democrats to win the Republican-held seat as they try to cling to a majority in the Senate.

As Oz and his campaign attempt to gain the upper hand in the contest, they mount an attack on Fetterman’s health, openly questioning whether he is physically fit for public office. Republican Senator Pat Toomey, the congressman the candidate wants to replace, is also retiring, raising questions about Fetterman’s competence.

“If John Fetterman is elected to the Senate, if he can’t communicate effectively, if he can’t engage with the press, if he can’t engage with his colleagues, he won’t do the job. said in Last month’s Oz campaign event.

Oz spokeswoman Rachel Tripp said it was “good news” that Fetterman received “clean health” before attacking his criminal record and tax history, in response to a doctor’s note on Wednesday. She also asked Fetterman to agree to hold a second debate with Oz.

Fetterman suffered a stroke in May, just before winning the Democratic nomination to contest Toomey’s seat.

Even during Fetterman’s extended absence, Oz trailed in the polls as opponents labeled him a no-touch carpetbagger from New Jersey. However, the race looks to have tightened up considerably in recent weeks.

Chen’s assessment of Fetterman “must be shocking news for Oz, who has been against John’s recovery and has bet his entire campaign on it,” said Rebecca, Fetterman’s top campaign aide. Katz said in a statement.

“Recovering from a stroke in public is not easy, let alone doing it while running for the Senate in the country, but John has worked hard to get here.” said Katz.

According to doctor’s notes, he was in contact with Fetterman’s neurologist and cardiologist.

Dr. Ramesh Chandra of Alliance Cardiology in Pittsburgh diagnosed Fetterman with atrial fibrillation in 2017, shortly after his stroke, but Fetterman had not seen a doctor in five years and had not taken prescribed medications. I wrote.

“I didn’t do what my doctor told me to do,” Mr. Fetterman said during his campaign in June. “But I will never repeat that mistake.”

Chandra wrote at the time, “If Fetterman takes his meds, eats healthy and exercises, he will be fine.” .

Chen’s memo, dated Saturday, appears to hold the same optimism about Fetterman’s recovery.

“His communication improved significantly compared to his first visit with the help of speech therapy, which he had been attending regularly since his stroke,” Chen wrote.

Fetterman’s physical examination was normal and his test results were good, doctors said, adding that he was “taking the appropriate medications to optimize his heart condition and prevent future strokes,” and that he “has been on a regular basis.” I am exercising regularly,” he added.

“Overall, Lieutenant Governor Fetterman is in good spirits, demonstrating a strong commitment to maintaining good fitness and healthy habits. He has no job restrictions and is able to fulfill his full duties in public office. ‘ said Chen. Dr. John Fetterman says Pennsylvania senator hopes to be fully functional after stroke

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