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Discover Valle de la Luna Park

There are many reasons to visit Argentina, the South American country of 45 million inhabitants is also known not only for its tango, but also for its natural beauty.

Travelling in Argentina is synonymous with spending little, shopping, eating well, enjoying good dance spectacles and also the quality of its wines.

Gastronomy is definitely one of the reasons to visit the country, being its national speciality meat in the famous asado, and for dessert, why not an Alfajor de Dulce de Leche (baked dough)?

In addition, there are many cosy and artistic neighbourhoods to visit. Not to mention the cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires, which surprises with its variety of entertainment.

Other enchanting places that are definitely worth a visit are Patagonia, Las Rutas, Península Valdés, Ushuaia and Valle de la Luna.

And since there is nothing better than the locals to give the best advice, Skokka together with las más bellas Putas Argentinas are going to tell a little more about the country of tango, more specifically about Valle de la Luna, in the following.

Valle de la Luna (the Valley of the Moon)

Also known as Ischigualasto Provincial Park, the Valley of the Moon was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

The name comes from its arid landscape that resembles the surface of the moon. The place is rich in history and enchants not only professionals in the field, such as geologists and archaeologists, but also the curious and interested in discovering this beautiful Argentinian spot.

Rockscapes and cinematographic scenery


For all its square kilometres, the Valley of the Moon is a real film set. The landscape of grey tones that gradually gives way to a colourful path seems hard to believe. The wind that blows is called Zonda, and together with the rains are responsible for so much natural beauty that seems to have been made by hand.

On the other hand, the Ischigualasto Provincial Park is a paleontological reserve that counts, among its most important fossils, with the Eoraptor Lunesis, the most prehistoric dinosaur in the world. Not only that, visitors also have the opportunity to see snake fossils, dinosaur skeletons and reptiles, a real world treasure!

The park is located at an altitude of 1300 metres and has typical desert vegetation, with some trees, shrubs and also cacti. In fact, many people travel here to experience the hallucinogenic effects of cacti, as they produce LSD-like effects on the body. Being part of the local indigenous culture, it is also used in shamanic and healing rituals. Consumption takes place in San Pedro, also known as the Valle Fértil, which is 75 km from the Valle de la Luna.


Classic route

The classic circuit is the most popular, it costs 800 pesos per adult and takes an average of 3:30 hours to complete in authorised vehicles. The most incredible sceneries are:

  • Valle Pintado
  • Cancha de bochas
  • El Submarino (The Submarine)
  • William Sill Museum
  • El Hongo (The Mushroom)
  • Barrancas coloradas
  • Cerro Morado (old extinct volcano)

Night route

The full moon circuit is also an incredible option for those who want to venture to discover the Valley of the Moon by night, the tour is a little faster with a duration of only 1:30h that fits the lunar calendar, isn’t it wonderful?

Cerro Morado route

There is an exclusive hiking route to reach the Cerro Morado, with an altitude of 1800m, the 6km hike will reward travellers with an incredible view of the whole valley from the top of the ancient volcanic area.

How to get there

Unfortunately there are no airports in the area, so it is necessary to get to La Rioja or San Juan, points from where visitors can take excursions, rent a car or take a bus (this is the least recommendable option as it is difficult to access the valley due to its isolation). But everything is less hard if you are accompanied by sexy UK escorts.

Where to stay

Accommodation options in general are fairly basic, due to the desert and rural environment. There are campsites, guesthouses, as well as rustic hotels and cabins. For those looking for a more comfortable option, it is advisable to stay in the Valle Fértil, as this area has a better infrastructure.

When to go

The desert climate is very dry, so it is highly recommended to avoid the summer season, as temperatures can easily reach 50 degrees Celsius. Winter is equally uncomfortable, with temperatures that can reach below freezing, so it is suggested to visit in the milder seasons, such as spring and autumn, to avoid any discomfort.

Travelling is always wonderful, going to an amazing place and with the company of an international professional like Delhi escorts, makes the experience perfect. Now, the only thing to do is to pack your bags and live this magnificent adventure.

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