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Democrats gain control of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, ending Republican rule

Redding, Pennsylvania – May 10: Pennsylvania State Rep. and Democratic leader Joanna E. McClinton speaks in front of Redding City Hall. On the far left is Eddie Moran, Mayor of Reading.

Ben Hastie | Media News Group | Getty Images

Democrats won control of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in Tuesday’s special election, wresting partial power from Republicans for the first time in decades in a battleground state.

Democrats won all three vacant seats in the Pittsburgh-area House of Representatives, claiming a slight lead over Republicans and finally securing the majority they initially appeared to win in last November’s general election. bottom. Republicans still hold the Senate, creating a political divide that could make it difficult for lawmakers to send priority legislation to new Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro.

The special election capped off months of election drama.

Republicans maintained a 113-90 majority in the House last year. But her one-degree redistricting and strong statewide campaign results in 2010 will give Democrats enough seats to win her a 102-101 majority in the House in the fall elections. I was able to. Or so it seemed. Three of those Democratic seats quickly became vacant, creating uncertainty as to who actually controlled the House.

Rep. Tony Deluca died of cancer in October, just before winning re-election, Rep. Summer Lee also resigned after winning the congressional election, and Rep. Austin Davis resigned before becoming lieutenant governor. .

This led to a political stalemate, with Republicans winning more seats in the House than Democrats. But that was after the Republican leader and several other Republican members joined all Democrats in the vote.

Since Rozzi took office, the House has been frozen, not passing internal operating rules, assigning members to committees, or approving legislation. Rozzi said last week that he would like to keep the chairmanship as Democrats convene newly elected lawmakers.

At a press conference late Tuesday in Pittsburgh, Democratic House Leader Joanna McClinton said three Democratic candidates were “thrown into the mixer very quickly” to compete in the special election. rice field.

She noted that Democrats have been in the minority in the House for 24 of the last 28 years.

McClinton wants the presidency, but with the election results tabulated in a certified full table, he says he “doesn’t want to get ahead” and asks people to “see what the will of this institution will be.” Look,” he called. The House returns to voting session.

Minutes after McClinton finished speaking, the Clerk’s Office sent an email announcing that the House session would resume in two weeks.

The Democrats had easily won the same seat last fall and were expected to win Tuesday’s special election.

DeLuca’s previous seat was won by Democrat Joe McAndrew, 32. He is a former state House Democratic employee and former executive director of the Democratic Commission on Allegheny County, a business owner. Lee’s former seat was won by Abigail Salisbury, 40, a lawyer and Democratic member of the Swissvale Borough Council. Matthew Gargiley, a Democrat who works for McKeesport City Hall, was elected to succeed Davis.

The special election took place after a court dismissed an attempt by House Republican Majority Leader Brian Cutler to keep the outcome of two elections inconclusive on Tuesday.

When the newly elected representatives take office, the House may still be one member short of a full complement. Because he won a special election to fill a state senatorial vacancy.

https://www.cnbc.com/2023/02/08/democrats-win-control-of-pennsylvania-house-end-gop-rule.html Democrats gain control of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, ending Republican rule

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