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DCED representatives take exclusive tour of Philipsburg | WTAJ

Center County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — Philipsburg may soon see further upgrades to buildings throughout town after inspections with local, state and federal legislatures.

This tour is designed to help the town of Philipsburg thrive and see its progress first hand. One of the people on the tour was Rick Villero, Deputy Commissioner for Community Affairs at the Department of Communities and Economic Development (DCED).

As I walked through the town of Villero, I had the opportunity to see what the Philipsburg Activation Authority, the State Legislature, and the Federal Council are doing to help the town thrive.

“It has exceeded my expectations,” Bielo said. “I see a lot of potential.”

A visit to the town is a way for the DCED to see the progress Philipsburg has made in refurbishing buildings and adding businesses.

“DCED will have a better understanding of what is happening in Philipsburg,” said Eric Rusnak, president of the Revitalization Authority. “He also understands some of the challenges we face and some of the planning needed to move the town forward.”

Villero was able to visit several historic buildings and many other businesses such as the Roland Theater and Dead Canary Brewing Company.

“Investing in buildings like Dead Canary and the Roland Theater are investments that make people’s lives better,” Villero said.

Rusnak said many buildings in the town have their own story.

“They tell the story of how some buildings in terrible condition were brought back to life and pay tribute to the history of Philipsburg,” Rusnak said.

Representatives from the offices of Rep. GT Thompson, Sen. Wayne Langerhork and the Center County Commission’s office also joined the tour to see how each office can contribute to revitalization.

“This shows that Philipsburg is getting real attention right now,” Rusnak said. “There are people in the state and federal government who are genuinely interested in growing Phillipsburg.”

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Villero was able to discuss various grant opportunities to get the project off the ground as well as get it done.

“Looking at Gov. Shapiro’s proposed budget, which includes increased Keystone Communities, Municipal Assistance Programs, and Strategic Management Plan Programs, anything the governor wants to invest can be used here to complete these projects,” Bielo said.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/dced-representative-gets-exclusive-tour-of-philipsburg/ DCED representatives take exclusive tour of Philipsburg | WTAJ

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