Day in the life of a volunteer firefighter

PITTSTON TWP., Pa. (WBRE/WYOU) — They put their lives on the line for our communities and they do it without getting paid. Most of us have no idea how crucial volunteer firefighters are in keeping us safe and how dangerous their jobs can be.

He’s brave, dedicated, and a hero to many. That’s Pittston Township Volunteer Fire Department President and Lieutenant, Jordan Consagra.

For the past seven years, the sound of one particular alarm signals a very important message from his community.

“When that bell goes off it just happens you know that it’s somebody’s worst day out there and we gotta be ready to make it as best as we can,” said Lt. Consagra.

Consagra’s days are unpredictable, fulfilling, and nostalgic.

It was because of one man who took on the same heroic role that makes Consagra know this was where he was meant to be.

“It had pretty much everything to do with my grandfather. I realized that this was it, you can’t help anybody else more than joining your local fire department and doing something so selfless and I really try and praise that,” explained Lt. Consagra.

Carrying on in the footsteps of his grandfather Charles Cupani, Consagra not only takes pride in what he does but also knows his community relies on him.

“There’s no one else you can call when you call 911 we are it we can’t call for anyone else so we better be on our game and help our residents and surrounding towns alike,” continued Lt. Consagra.

Consagra took 28/22 News through the bulk of what happens during his days on duty and showed us exactly how his department stays on its A-game.

“We’re there for each other through the ups and the downs and that’s even going on a personal level as well. We do everything we can together to be a core and I think that’s what makes us so good,” Lt. Consagra said.

That bond, Consagra says, goes beyond the firehouse walls and cannot be replaced. It also helps rescues run as smoothly as possible.

That begins with what can be found inside this rescue truck what Consagra calls the rig’s “‘”tool kit.”

“This is the kind of stuff you see in the movies. The jaws of life, the rams, the cutters the spreaders,” added Lt. Consagra.

It carries almost every tool imaginable to help assist in any kind of emergency including something that costs less the five dollars and can be found under your kitchen sink.

“A lot of people laugh, Dawn detergent,” said Lt. Consagra.

Onto the gear room where a typical firefighter’s locker consists of PPE like a fire coat, fire pants, and fire gloves and tools like a radio, lights, and a wooden door wedge called a “chock”.

“You’re talking easily eight to ten thousand dollars to fit up a fireman,” says Lt. Consagra.

This expensive equipment is replaced every ten years.

28/22 News went ahead and suited up to get the full experience and to really set foot into Consagra’s daily routine.

When a call comes in, he and other crew members will assess determines the vehicle they will use. A call that came into the department for a cooking incident Thursday afternoon helped put a few things we learned to the test, mainly having the right frame of mind.

“When a bell goes off and you are in that heat of the moment you aren’t yourself and you dive into a world that you don’t even realize you can do, and emotions and fear and all that kind of stuff is there but it’s gone. You aren’t thinking about yourself. It puts you in a whole different mindset that I think a lot of people need,” explained Lt. Consagra.

And as Consagra keeps climbing the ladder, he wants his community to remember one thing.

“When you see Pittston Township Fire Department roll up, we are ready to go,” continued Lt. Consagra.

You can learn more about the Pittston Township Volunteer Fire Department by checking out their Facebook page. Day in the life of a volunteer firefighter

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