Daniel Suero Alonso warns about 3 common mistakes made by leaders

Successful companies need individuals capable of overcoming the adversities of the environment, as well as people who don’t constantly stumble over the same stone. No human being, not even the best leader, is exempt from making mistakes; however, there are some mistakes that cannot be allowed for someone in charge of a team, and those are the ones Daniel Suero Alonso warns about.

The ideal leader is not someone who never fails; there is no such person. The best leader is the one who acknowledges their mistakes and learns from them. What builds good leadership is not an impeccable trajectory but rather the learning from mistakes in order to avoid repeating them.

Next, we will tell you about the most common mistakes that leaders make within their company, according to Daniel Suero Alonso. He wants you to succeed in your role as the spearhead of your team, and that’s why he gives you these recommendations.

Slow decision-making

Being quick when making decisions is not synonymous with being hasty. A leader should take a (prudent) amount of time to make decisions for the benefit of the company and their team, but when unforeseen contingencies or problems arise, the reaction should be faster.

Even in emergencies, a leader cannot take too much time, as it can cause the issue to spiral out of control and multiply. If they take too long, they may go from solving one thing to dealing with 20.

Failure to delegate

It is clear that a leader should be capable of performing certain tasks, but they cannot fall into the belief that they do it better than everyone else. They must also learn to trust their team. Processes are more efficient when this person decides to delegate different tasks to other team members. This way, they can create more and worry less.

Daniel Suero Alonso mentions that at this point, it is important for the leader to observe and have confidence; they must choose carefully whom to entrust with a particular task and, for that, they must monitor their performance and make a significant decision without hesitation.

Becoming inaccessible

This mistake is one of the most common. A leader is not just the boss who assigns tasks and is only there to monitor their completion; they must also be attentive to the concerns or problems that the team members may have.

A bad leader has no intention of supporting their team; they are only there to ensure that personal or company objectives are met. A good leader will always, as far as possible, provide their time and attention so that others feel valued and supported.

We hope that with these tips from Daniel Suero Alonso, you can become the leader you aspire to be. Remember that it’s not bad to fail; the negative aspect is to always do it with the same stone.


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