CSGOEmpire: whether this website worths the attention of its audience?

CSGO gambling websites are an integral part of the game’s life. People always want to get some good-looking skins without spending way too much money on them. And that is the reason, why different gambling websites became more and more popular. One of the most popular ones is CSGOEmpire, and it is not surprising. Even the fact of how often people search for the  CSGOEmpire referral code  gives us an opportunity to see that users want to continue gambling with them.

And finding out whether CSGOEmpire is really a great gambling website is really important. In this review, we will see how great this website is, and what interesting offers it may provide to its users. 

The interface of the website

The interface is the very first thing you face when joining each website. Its convenience is the most important thing for all users. And CSGOEmpire shows really great interface. 

To start with, when you just open this website, you can see the main page with the Roulette game mode. It is fully understandable for novice players. On the left side, you can see the chat, where only experienced users can conversate on different topics. 

Above the Roulette interface, you can see three tabs: “Roulette”, “Match Betting”, “CoinFlip”. They lead to the only three game modes of the website. Everything is simple. 

However, there are some links above. You can read about the fairness of the website, more information about it, information about the referrals, and see your Bonus Cases. It is hard to understand why your bonus cases are located on the small bar on top of the website, but ok. This bar also contains the link to your profile and has two buttons: Withdraw and Deposit. Everything is simple. 

The currency of the website

Back in the past, Valve was strongly against gambling using users’ skins. So that, many gambling websites had to find a way to overcome the anger of the huge developing studio. And they found it.

For now, you are not playing with your skins. You are just donating them getting some coins, or other value instead. And CSGOEmpire is not an exception. Instead of playing with real money or skins, you have to buy Empire Coins, which are being sold for 5 coins for 3.5 dollars. It is a fair deal. 

However, the main question is how to withdraw coins. Everything is simple. You can convert your coins to some cryptocurrency of your choice, or buy skins for them to get them to your Steam inventory. Everything is simple. 

CSGOEmpire game modes

In spite of the fact that CSGOEmpire is really popular, it has only two gambling game modes: Roulette and CoinFlip. 

The Roulette mode is a simple game, where you have three options to bet on: CT mark, T mark, and the analog of Zero. CT and T marks have 2x odds, while the Zero mark has 14x odds. The main benefit of this game mode is that you can bet 0.01 coins. So that, buying 5 coins, you can play 500 times in Roulette. Of course, you will not win much this way, but you will have an opportunity to extend the fun. 

The CoinFlip mode is a classical PVP. You can join the lobby of some players, depending on your balance. This way, you have to choose the side: CT or T. After that, the coin flips, and the winner takes the bank. Everything is simple. 

However, one more tab, that can be interesting for players is “Match Betting”. This is one of the most interesting parts. The website provides the diversity of different eSports events, especially CSGO Leagues. You can bet your coins on different minor leagues matches and increase your income. 

Advantages of CSGOEmpire

The very first advantage of the website is the simplicity of its interface. Even the user who didn’t use different gambling websites will feel comfortable playing with CSGOEmpire. There are no bright banners or advertisements. The website highlighted all the user needs for the comfortable use of the website. 

Moreover, the website works fast. Most likely that it is due to the lack of content on it. But all the functions work fast, the animations are smooth, and all the procedures are completed with no delays. 

One more advantage is the starting deposit. 3.5 dollars is a good price for most of the players. You can just get rid of some skins you don’t need, and that would be a great starting deposit for you. However, depositing 4 dollars with your real money wouldn’t be a problem either. 

Even more, an opportunity to bet on some eSports events is really great. You can not only earn more coins with it but also add some heat to watching interesting CSGO events.

And a huge amount of referral bonuses, which can be activated multiple times. It is also a pleasant detail. 

Are there any disadvantages?

However, the website is not perfect and has some issues, which will not be critical for it but may cause some inconvenience for users. 

The first disadvantage is obvious. The lack of games. Of course, the games on the website are great and may fulfill the desires of many users. But the website doesn’t even try to provide something new. Yes, you can play Roulette 500 times with the minimal deposit, but you will be tired after the first 50 games. 

The CoinFlip is not interesting at all. This is game mode for rich users, who may afford to play with 20+ coins. If you are an average player, you may not be ready to wager 15 dollars on some doubtful game. And when you create the lobby with your 1 coin, no one joins it, because rich players are interested in fast income. 

One more con is that the tab with Bonus Cases is located somewhere between “About us” and “Fairness”. These tabs are the ones that are usually ignored by many average gamblers. And finding your bonus may be hard. 

Bonuses are also not that great. Of course, you get 0.01 coin, it is better than nothing. But instead of giving you a couple of cents, which would be about 0.05-0.1 coins, you are getting a case with an extremely low chance to get AWP| Asiimov. That is just ridiculous. 


In conclusion, CSGOEmpire is a good gambling website, where you can not only play two games but also wager on some eSports events. It has some issues, which may make the use of it boring, but they are easy to be improved.

As players, we should just hope that the administration of the website would add some more game modes for its players, to attract them to play more and more. 

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