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Couple’s dog barking leads them to escaped prisoners camping in yard | US News

A couple who were investigating a barking dog on their property in northwest Pennsylvania over the weekend have arrested a murder suspect who was using bed sheets. escape from prisonthe authorities said.

Nine days after escaping from Warren County Jail, Michael Barham, 34, climbed onto exercise equipment, climbed through a window and pulled a rope made out of prison bedding late at night on July 6, authorities said. taken down and arrested.

The couple who helped arrest Barham revealed themselves in an interview. NBC News as Cindy and Ron Ecklund. The Eklunds argued they believed they may be eligible for a $22,000 reward offered by authorities for information on Barham’s whereabouts.

Investigators received information about Barhan from Mr. and Mrs. Ecklens in Connewango Township before 4 p.m. Saturday, and Barham was arrested about two hours later, said Lt. Col. George Bivens, deputy director of operations. Pennsylvania state police.

The two set out in a golf cart to find out why the dog was barking and ran into Barham in the back of the property.

“A gentleman got up and I asked him, ‘So what are you doing?'” Ron Ecklund told NBC. “He said, ‘I’m camping.'”

Ron Ecklund said he recognized Mr Barham immediately after reports of his escape. According to NBC, the man told his wife to get back in the golf cart to get home.

“I wasn’t even half way up the yard, so I was like, ‘Call 911. I know exactly who’s who,'” Eklund said. “I’ve seen enough pictures of him. He’s been in the news all the time.”

barham, chase wood A police officer, part of a demarcation line set up on the road, was then encountered by searchers aided by two dogs, Bivens said. Bivens said he lay face down and tried to hide, but U.S. Marshals, Border Patrol and state police approached him from behind and arrested him at gunpoint.

Police said Barham was in custody on arson and robbery charges and was a suspect in a murder investigation. Police say he was also involved in a previous carjacking and kidnapping of a local couple.

Investigators said Barham was also known for his outdoor survival skills, was familiar with the area and its terrain, and was generally believed to pose a threat to residents and law enforcement officers while on the run. had notified.

Helicopters, drones and multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the search, which blocked several local roads.

Vivens thanked local residents for their patience during the search.

“I know they were nervous and scared, but they remained kind to the whole nation,” he said.

Associated Press Contributes to Reporting

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/jul/18/pennsylvania-escaped-inmate-bedsheets-found-dog-barking Couple’s dog barking leads them to escaped prisoners camping in yard | US News

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