Couple battling cancer wins $3M Pennsylvania Lottery jackpot

BUTLER COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Pennsylvania woman, whose husband has an incurable form of cancer, won the $3 million jackpot on a lottery scratch-off.

The lucky winner was 50-year-old Penny Reep of Armstrong County. When presented with her commemorative check Nov. 2, she told lottery officials she was in shock to learn she had won.

Reep said she had a dentist appointment and stopped at Rummy Mart in Chicora to exchange some winning tickets, she said, and decided to buy a $3 Million Diamonds and Gold scratch-off.

“I grabbed the counter and started crying,” she told lottery officials. “I had chest pain and it felt like my feet were coming out from underneath of me.”

Reep said it still doesn’t seem real and that this came at a perfect time.

“My husband has a very rare form of cancer and it’s not curable,” said Reep. “We don’t know how long we have with him. He’s no longer able to work and I’ve been trying to take care of him, but I’m also having health problems.”

With dreams to visit Alaska, which the couple thought was a pipe dream, they can now fulfill it. Reep said she’s going to be able to give her husband everything he’s always wanted.

“We are going to stay the same people,” added Reep. “We will continue living in our house and invest the money, but now we will have memories for a lifetime.”

Rummy Mart, located at 131 South Main Street in Chicora will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the jackpot-winning ticket. Couple battling cancer wins $3M Pennsylvania Lottery jackpot

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