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Could Pennsylvania Republicans Now Buy By Mail Ballots? Lots of ‘soul-searching’ underway – The Morning Call

At the Pennsylvania Society, a swanky weekend gathering of Manhattan’s political class, a quick and sudden change is underway in Keystone’s Republican approach to mail-in ballots.

Suddenly the Republican Party favored them.

After two years of negative Republican rhetoric about the dangers of mail-in ballots, party leaders are eyeing Pennsylvania results in 2020 and 2022.

Democrats greatly outperformed Republicans in their use of mail-in ballots, and had two very good elections to show.

Republican Party Speaker Lawrence Tabath said after the party’s annual luncheon near Central Park on Friday, “We now know it’s a legal way to vote in our state. “We cannot afford to ignore mail-in ballots. I will go to great lengths to get voters to vote by mail.”

It doesn’t just go against the party’s past message. It is in direct opposition to the formation of the 2024 Republican presidential district. Former President Donald J. Trump, who has led the pack by lying about mail-in ballot-based election results, has already announced his candidacy.

Andy Riley, a Republican National Committee member from Delaware County, said the party is bigger than any candidate, even Trump. To get there, the Communist Party may hire a professional advertising agency to change the message rather than the typical political consultant.

Rumors are rife about whether Mr. Tabas will be able to serve a full term through 2025 after his landslide gubernatorial and senatorial losses.

Rob Gleeson, who led the party during Trump’s victory in Pennsylvania in 2016, said Republicans needed to “do a lot of self-analysis right now” at the state and national level.

“We need to recover quickly,” he said.

Gleason, a Tabas supporter, said the party made a mistake this year by not supporting candidates for governor and senator, and is an avid supporter of Trump’s election lies. Mastriano state senator and Mehmet Oz, a celebrity TV doctor, won a crowded primary.

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In the Pennsylvania Society, the party’s founders wondered what could have been done, especially since the Democratic Party’s success at the top of the ticket probably helped that party control the state legislature.

“We should never have run for Senate or governor,” Gleason said. “And I think people learned a lesson from that. Acknowledgment is very important.”

Gleason predicted that Tabas would complete his term. Tabas agreed, stating that there was “no movement or effort” to expel him.

“There’s no story there at all,” said Tabas. “Every election moves things forward. …People want to talk about change.”

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